July 27, 2017

Reedy Roundup

Joe Reedy has a nice roundup of the Bengals’ draft grades. I liked the team’s picks for the most part, but I’m not quite as rosy as some other people, especially on the A.J. Green selection. I agree with Kerry Byrne of SI.com who believed the Bengals should have drafted a defender (he wanted a […]

Slow Down

There seems to be a groundswell of support building for Andy Dalton to take the first snap of the 2011 season. I think it’s insane. Here’s why: First off, Dalton is making a giant leap in terms of competition. Yes, TCU played some big-time teams like Wisconsin, but they also played several others like New […]

FoxSports Draft Grade

Grade Card

Along with Mel Kiper, NBC Sports also gave the Bengals a solid grade on their draft, with an A- overall. Click here for the full explanation.

Clint Boling Profile

Robert Sands Profile

Ryan Whalen Profile

Draft Links

NFL.com analysis of every pick Todd McShay liked the Andy Dalton selection, but he called the Dontay Moch pick questionable. (McShay’s initial story had Moch as a second-round pick. He was a third-rounder). Mel Kiper gave the Bengals an A- overall.  

Grade the Draft

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Late Round Picks: Photos and Links

  Ryan Whalen Player Card ESPN Analysis My thoughts:  Seems like a bigger version of Jordan Shipley. I don’t really understand the need for another wideout. Korey Lindsey Player Card ESPN Analysis My thoughts:  The team is already extremely deep at corner, but Lindsey would have been picked higher if he wasn’t plagued by hamstring […]