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David Jackson of the reviewed Who-Dey Weekly. Here is a link to his show talking about, our show!

Not Your Cookie Cutter
“This is a great podcast that brings a different view of the Bengals to the table. Overall just a fun listen and well produced.” – Darrell

Worth Your Time!
“Knowledgeable hosts who are enjoyable to listen to. I am a casual football fan and they have taught me much about the Bengals and football in general. It is informative yet not bogged down by a bunch of stats, which to me would make me lose interest. Also, these guys have great personalities, they can make you laugh and they are not overbearing or loud. Keep up the good work guys!”

The Best
“Podcast if you’re a Bengals fan!” – Joe

Who-dey weekly is great!
“These guys are great, they seem to enjoy doing the show and staying positive about the Bengals no matter what kind of hard times they are having. This is a great way for me to keep up with my 2nd favorite team. I don’t hear much about the Bengals since I live in TN, so this is where I get most of my info. Great show guys!” – Ryan

Wednesday Night is Who Dey Night!
“One of the best sports podcasts out there. A must-listen if you call yourself a Bengals fan. I love how the podcast is linked to and us listeners can interact with the hosts. More interviews and special segments!” – Jon

“Simply the best Bengals podcast around. A must listen for true fans.”

“I recently moved from Covington to South Korea and found myself desperately in need of some one-sided Bengals banter. I listen to Dan Patrick and PTI everyday, and Who-Dey Weekly does a nice job of “filling the void” allowing me to listen to the one thing I REALLY want to hear about.”

Best Podcast on iTunes!
“Living in PA I can’t get all the Bengal news I would like. So the podcast is great to listen to at work and get fired up for my Bengals! The guys (Nick, Timm and Mickey) almost know as much as I do about the Bengals!!! Great show, love all the hard work. Thanks!”

Tremendous Podcast
“I live in Pittsburgh and it’s nice to listen to Who-Dey Weekly on my Friday commute instead of the local radio stations talking non-stop Steelers. It’s a must listen for all Bengals fans worldwide. Keep up the great work!”

Who Dey!
“Awesome podcast, a must for all Bengals fans.” – Carlos

Great for Bengals Fans!
“A must listen for Bengals fans. Great to find a good source of Bengals talk outside of Cincy.” – Chasriggs

Can’t Wait to watch LIVE
“Listening to the show. Great stuff! It’s nice to hear some of the stuff I need too without searching ESPN and NFL Network for hours. I’ll have to join live!” – Brian

Whodey fan
“Great for the Cincy faithful.” – Noodle81

“Great podcast. A must for any true Bengals fan. WHODEY!!!” – Brian (WFD816)

“High quality podcasts with knowledgeable hosts. Must listen for any Bengals fans.” – bengalHawkRS says
“Thanks for having Sean on the show. You all definitely run the best Bengals podcast. Hopefully we can do this more often!”

Must Listen
“If you’re a Bengals fan then you need to listen to this podcast! You can even get in on the fun and listen live and comment at! WHODEY!” – Kurt Campbell

Top Drawer Stuff!!
“Just came across this little nugget! A must for any Bengals fan, it’s got plenty of analysis and debate balanced with a fair amount of humour…which is what any Bengals fan needs to have!! The Steelers have their history, and whilst AJ and the Red Rocket are starting to re-write ours, download and enjoy!” – Manx Bengal

“I really enjoyed the specific analyse on all things Bengal related, which was refreshing, considering that often forgets about the most colourful and vibrant franchise in the league.” – British Bengal

Bengal heaven
“This is the second season I’ve subscribed to Who-Dey Weekly and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a must for any fan who wants to keep up to date with Cincy news, rumour, hopes and penitentiary misdemeanours (Long term Bengals fans will understand!). It has a slick professional feel to the production but the hosts are funny and easy listening but most of all dedicated Bengals fans. If the tiger growl at the start doesn’t give you “Boomer goose bumps” then nothing will! Keep it up guys” – Welsh Bengal

Who-Dey My Friends!
“It’s a 59 degree dim day at the tail end of September. As I look through my neighborhood I see ugly Browns flags flapping in the fall wind, snot nosed kids cleaning their mucous covered face with the black and gold sleeves of a Steelers hoody, and a yard of green grass that should’ve been cut 4 days prior….Pass after pass I should be miserable, but alas I have Nick, Tim and everyone’s favorite Micky keeping company in my earbuds. Win, Lose or Draw(yes ties do happen McNabb), the Who-Dey Weekly podcast is my one stop spot for bold biased Bengals banter. As should it be for any real fan of that unmistakeable striped helment. Who-Dey my Friends!” – Sticky P

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