August 16, 2017

Postseason Preview: Bengals @ Texans

Welcome to the playoffs, WhoDeyFans! The good guys are back for another shot at ending the dry spell of playoff victories. With the number of bad streaks this team has snapped this year, I am excited for this game to see yet another streak end on Saturday. Two rookie QBs square off in a playoff […]

Ravens Illustrate Flaws In Bengals’ Game

As I watched the Ravens and the Bengals on Sunday, I saw two teams that looked more similar than different. In what was supposed to be the first of a couple of rebuilding years for the Bengals, that was very encouraging for their future. The Bengals are moving in the right direction and are laying […]

Help The Playoffs Party Pooper

Tuesday morning, as you stand around the proverbial water cooler and discuss the Bengals making the playoffs for the third time in seven years, “that guy” will be squawking at his loudest to make sure every hears him. “Yeah, but they backed in. They couldn’t beat anybody good all season.” We all know that guy. […]

Preview: Ravens @ Bengals

With the Bengals playing a win-and-you’re-in game against the Ravens, I am impressed with the front office’s BOGO promotion to try to sell out the stadium for the second time this year. Say what you want about Mike Brown (and many of us have), but this is another move he has gotten right this year. […]

Preview: Cardinals @ Bengals

A month ago, playing the Cardinals on Christmas Eve looked like a mulligan for the Bengals. But a funny thing happened on the way to the postseason hunt: the Cardinals got kinda good. Not great, but better than the struggling team we left for dead and forgot about at mid-season. Their returning to a .500 […]

Where Are You With The 2011 Bengals?

This year’s Bengals have had us all over the map. They were predicted to be as bad as the Colts have turned out to be without Manning. By mid-season they controlled a playoff spot. Now they are on the outside looking in, but things could still break their way with a little help. You are […]

Preview: Bengals @ Rams

The Bengals embark on their final road game of the season to play the injury-ravaged Rams, who look like they may have to sit QB Sam Bradford this week. If you live around Cincinnati, make sure you are available to watch, because it will probably be the last Bengals game this year that is broadcast […]

Preview: Texans @ Bengals

To secure a playoff spot, the Bengals have to find a way to knock off at least one of the two 9-3 teams remaining on their schedule: the Texans or the Ravens. The Texans come to Paul Brown Stadium with their 3rd-string QB, T.J. Yates, at the helm of the offense. While no team that […]

Entering The Home Stretch

After going 4-0 in the 2nd quarter of the season, posting wins over Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Seattle and Tennessee, the Bengals entered the toughest stretch of their schedule with four straight division games, including two against the Evil Empire. The third quarter was no so kind, seeing the Bengals go 1-3 with the only win coming […]

Preview: Bengals @ Steelers

Wow, it’s Steeler week again already?! You can make a solid case for either of two factors as the cause of the Bengals’ 7 point loss to the Steelers in round 1. On one hand, the defense gave up 132 yds and two TDs in the first 11:30 of the game. The offense had never […]