June 28, 2017

The Closers

Remember the days when no lead for the Bengals felt safe? For years the Bengals were on the cutting edge of creating new ways to lose. I still wake up occasionally in a cold sweat, cursing Chuck Bresnahan’s name. This year has been a refreshing reversal of those frustrating times. For this team, no deficit […]

Growing Pains

In the first two “measuring stick” games against division rivals, the Bengals have come up a TD short each time. And while the losses sting a little bit, we knew the growing pains had to come. That was why we wanted Dalton to start from Week 1, right?

One Step Closer To Playoffs

Thank you, Tim Tebow. By beating the Jets on Thursday night, the Broncos opened the door for the AFC North to send three teams to the playoffs. That means the Bengals have the inside track for being the 6th seed even if they go 0-4 against the Steelers and Ravens. With 7 games left, something […]

Preview: Bengals @ Ravens

When I think of Bengals v. Ravens, I think of hard-hitting, run-pounding, trash-talking, bone-jarring games that typify the AFC North. There is no love lost between these two teams, and that’s just the way we like it. But for all of the success that the Ravens have enjoyed over the past decade or so, the […]

Preview: Steelers @ Bengals

It’s Steeler week!! Let’s hear your best WHODEY, people!! Now the real test begins, as the Bengals play Pittsburgh and Baltimore 3 times in the next 4 games. Will they establish themselves as a legitimate team in 2011, or will they prove the They-Haven’t-Played-Anybody-Good-Yet scoffers right? (If you are one of the people spouting that […]

Are You Satisfied With The Running Game?

I’m not. I am not saying that the running game is bad, but it isn’t all that good either. It is mediocre and in need of an upgrade in the offseason. What would you do to bolster the ground assault?

Preview: Bengals @ Titans

Take yourself back to August 21st. The Bengals had just been dropped to 0-2 in the preseason after taking a 27-7 beating by the Jets, which had been preceded 9 days earlier by a 34-3 beatdown at the hands of the Lions. As those final moments ticked away, looking at a team that had been […]

Preview: Bengals @ Seahawks

I have had a difficult time deciding exactly how I feel about this week’s game with the Seahawks. Frankly, it’s because the Seahawks are completely inconsistent from week to week. Will they be the team who dropped 36 on the Giants in NY 3 weeks ago? Or will they be the team who mustered an […]

Being Wrong Feels Great. So Does Being Right.

I was completely wrong. And I love it. Before the season I picked the Bengals to finish 4-12 again this year. I wanted to pick higher, but my pessimism won out. But it only took Andy Dalton and the rest of this young squad a mere six games to match my predicted win total. The […]

Preview: Colts @ Bengals

After another gritty win, the frustration and apathy that has had a stranglehold on Bengals fans everywhere is giving way to hope. We will always have some of those beloved You-Just-Wait killjoys, but their ranks are suddenly dwindling as Andy Dalton grits out another comeback win. So when will the bandwagon fill up enough for […]