July 26, 2017

At the Quarter Pole

After being universally declared as the worst team in football by every media outlet on Earth just a month ago, the most recent iterations of those same Power Rankings put the Bengals at either #21 or #22. Not that this surprises either you or me. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that […]

Preview: Bengals @ Jaguars

The Bengals find themselves in a very similar position as the Bills were last week: coming off of an exciting, emotional, come-from-behind win at home against an opponent that they had not beaten in a long time, and traveling to an opponent that is struggling and easy to overlook. Say it with me, kids: “trap […]

Ugly Win = Perfect

I like the ugly wins. They are exactly what I want for the Bengals right now.

Preview: Bills @ Bengals

Oh yes, I remember the Bills. I was in my backyard raking leaves last fall (due to the first of a line of blackouts now stretching as far as the eye can see) as I listened to a 35-point lead evaporate while the Bills put together one of the biggest comebacks I have ever seen. […]

Momma Said There’d Be Days Like This

“Let Dalton start. Let the kid take his lumps now.” Well, Dalton got some lumps this week. But I am glad that most Bengals fans seem to understand it and are not riding the kid for it. (I just wasn’t in one of the more winnable games of the year.) If the Bengals are to ever […]

Striking Gold Against the 49ers

Boy, some bad news has really stolen some of the momentum away from a team that was beginning to build a little excitement. Sunday’s game will be a test if this team can push through the distractions and focus on beating a 49ers team with its own set of problems. Here are my keys for the […]

Preview: 49ers @ Bengals

With 25% of their road games already behind them, the Bengals finally come home on Sunday to host the enemies-for-life, ring-stealing 49ers, who are playing their first game away from Journey’s famous “City By The Bay” of the season. SF is the Bengals’ third opponent in a row with a new head coach. Time will tell […]

Disappointing Result. Encouraging Moments.

I thought the Bengals had a good shot at coming home from Denver at 2-0 and in the driver’s seat of the AFC North. And had they taken care of business and punched in a TD after stripping the ball from Kyle Orton at the Denver 14 yard line instead of settling for a field […]

Will The Bengals End The Denver Drought?

After a surprising (to some) win in Cleveland last week, a number of Bengals fans are primed for the Bengals to take their record to 2-0 in Denver this week. A number are quietly hopeful but still need more evidence that this team can complete and didn’t just get lucky to catch Cleveland napping. And […]

Preview: Bengals @ Broncos

This week the Bengals (1-0), fresh off of a win built on the success of the running game and on the defensive front 7, face off against the Denver Broncos (0-1) in another road game. (The Bengals are one of only 4 teams to start the season with two road games.) But in order to get […]