May 31, 2016

Struggle Is A Good Thing


The Bengals need to struggle this season. As much fun as a 28-point beat down of the Browns would have been to watch on Sunday, I am happy that the Bengals won they way that they did. That they lost momentum. That the running game floundered for a while. Even that they fell behind for [...]

Bengals @ Browns: By The Numbers

Bengals defeat Browns in Cleveland on Opening Day of 2011 Season

Despite leaving the game at halftime, it looks like we can mark Andy dalton as the 5th rookie quarterback to win his first game on the road. Here is a look at the numbers that gave the Bengals the win (and has induced much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in Cleveland.)

Observations of a Giddy Fool

Carlos the Hammer

What a win by the Bengals! I’ve been so pumped up since the end of the game that I have driven my wife half nuts. I don’t know how long it will last, but for this week at least, the Steelers are looking up at the Bengals. And I intend to savor the sweet nectar [...]

Bengals-Browns: Match-Ups To Watch


I can’t help myself. I think I’ve accomplished roughly 3 hours of work this week. I keep thinking about how the Bengals match up with the Browns for the game on Sunday. Partly because the long NFL drought in nearly over. And partly because, the more I think about it, the more I believe that [...]

Cautious Optimism


Yesterday I posted my preview of this week’s game in Cleveland. After reading a reading a review of the Browns as they head into the game, written by Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I feel justified in my belief that the Bengals can win. Terry’s job, like Joe Reedy’s for the Enquirer, requires that [...]

Preseason Power Rankings Are Worth What They Cost


The endless lists of preseason power rankings hold all the predictive power of Johnny Carson as Carnac the Magnificent. And they are almost as funny. (If you are old like me, and it’s been too long, treat yourself.) I thought it would be worth a minute to look at just how accurate the collective football [...]

Preview: Bengals @ Browns

Bobbie Williams

The long wait is finally over! The 2011 season is finally here! Bring on real football! First up, the Bengals travel to the Mistake-On-The-Lake. Let’s take a look at what to expect in this game.

Preseason Wins and Losses

AJ Green Fumbles

Despite ultimately losing 17-13 to the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday to finish the preseason at 1-3, there were some wins on the field for the Bengals. Here are some of my takes from the game, as well as from the preseason as a whole.

Colts v. Bengals: What I’m Watching

J.P. Fuschi, Jordan Senn

Well, despite the increasing (and delicious) capacity of the internet to circumvent NFL blackouts, I will probably be listening to tonight’s game, not watching it. In spite of his goofiness — and often because of it — Dave Lapham brings a lot to a radio broadcast. And it is a good excuse to watch the [...]

Football Beats Politics


The President of the United States is commonly referred to as “the most powerful man in the world.” He’s got nothing on the NFL.