June 24, 2017

Who Makes The Cut? TE Edition

There were two moves in the draft that very few of us saw coming: the selection of Brandon Thompson in round 3 and the selection of Orson Charles two picks later in round 4. Neither was a pick based on need, but both were great value picks who deepen strengths of the team. I like […]

Who Makes The Cut? WR Edition

This position is the biggest question mark on the roster for the offense, even though it is the most crowded position group on the team. Twelve guys are battling for six spots. The potential is huge. The experience level is frighteningly low. You may be surprised with my preliminary expectations for the receiver corps. Things […]

Who Makes The Cut? QB Edition

With the draft now in the books, the Bengals have pretty well filled out their roster, which the NFL has now expanded to 90. We have a while of nothing more than guys-in-shorts, but really, is it ever too early to start tinkering around with how the final roster might shake out? Of course not! […]