July 25, 2017

Sortin’ Through The Pieces: Defense

The Bengals made a number of free agent additions to the defense over the past month, but gauging how much better they have made themselves in the process is difficult. They added four guys who were drafted in the first round but dide not make the impact that was expected of them. If two of […]

Sortin’ Through The Pieces: Offense

Now that Spring Break is over, break out your Andy Williams 8-track because it’s time to get ready for “the most wonderful time” of the offseason, the draft! We have feverishly poured over wish lists, and soon we will discover what gifts Mikey Claus will bring down the PBS chimney. The Bengals made a lot […]

Draft Strategy (Redo)

On Tuesday I asked for your strategy for the upcoming draft. Nate commented that he was less concerned with specific players than with overall value. That was exactly what I was hoping to discuss: what do you value? How would you draft to maximize the value for the Bengals, given what we know right now? […]

Give Me Your Draft Strategy

April’s draft will be huge for the Bengals. Another solid draft by the coaches should solidify the cracks in last year’s team, and it could very possibly put the Bengals in position to finally end the drought of playoff wins. Mock drafts are popping up like dandelions on my lawn in April, and many are […]

I’m Stoked For April 2012

I know, it’s almost silly to be thinking about a draft that is 6 months away while there are still 10 games left for the Bengals to play this year. But with the Bengals having two first round picks, and with it being the bye week, why not have some fun speculating how the Bengals […]