August 16, 2017

Draft Strategy: Offensive Line

The offensive line is not slated for an overhaul like the running backs or linebackers, and it isn’t in need of a significant addition like safety or receiver. But there is still a significant move to be made: re-signing Andre Smith. If the front office cannot get that deal done, then there will be another […]

Singing The Offensive Blues

How often do you hear it said? “Quarterbacks get too much of the credit for wins and too much of the blame for losses.” No matter how often guy like Cris Collinsworth remind us, we are still eager to heap the praise and the criticism on one guy.

WDW Episode 92 – It Wasn’t Pretty But It’s a Win

Well it wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win and that’s all that matters at this time of year. The Bengals historically have not played well on the West Coast but to win in SD despite not having your best day on offense is a huge step for this team. Have to give it […]

Looking Glass Game: Andrew Whitworth

I have been asking you to take a peak through your personal looking glass and tell me where you think some of the current anchors of the Bengals will ultimately rank among the pantheon of Bengals past once they hang up their cleats. It has been fun to consider the many candidates who would make […]

WDW Episode 40 – Madden 12 with Cincy Jungle’s Joe Goodberry

We preview what’s in store for the Bengals in this year’s Madden 12 (in stores now) with’s Joe Goodberry.

Bengals continue to make moves to better the team

One of the most important things an NFL team can do is solidify the offensive line.  Remember the years of Priest Holmes running at will on teams? It is no surprise he was running behind a line that had played together for many seasons. Same with the Bengals in the 05 season and the protection the line […]

Bengals Cap Space: What’s The Plan?

Today, Mike Florio of PFT reported the latest cap space figures for NFL teams.  Of little surprise to most of us, the Bengals were near the top in available funds, coming in third with a whopping 29 million dollars free to spend.  This, of course, has elicited tyical feedback from the corners of Bengaldom, as […]

Why Andre Smith Should Play LG

After the shebacle in Detroit, it’s pretty apparent that the Bengals offensive line – and especially their pass protection – need some significant improvement. The good news is, there’s a solution available. The bad news is, the team is unlikely to use it. Andre Smith, who’s currently listed as the starting right tackle, would make […]

Andre The Not-So-Giant?

Word is starting to make its way around the interwebs that the Bengals’ more recent first round pick named A. Smith is working to shed some pounds and perhaps shed the title of “bust”. Check out this quote from Andrew Whitworth,

Players are Right About Palmer

I never claimed to be the smartest guy in the world, but I have been perplexed by the variety of opinions on Carson Palmer and his demands. What’s been fairly black and white to me since the very beginning seems to have drawn a lot of complex and diverse opinions. Some want to dish out […]