June 28, 2017

Looking Glass Game: Andrew Whitworth

I have been asking you to take a peak through your personal looking glass and tell me where you think some of the current anchors of the Bengals will ultimately rank among the pantheon of Bengals past once they hang up their cleats. It has been fun to consider the many candidates who would make […]

WDW Episode 61 – The Best of 2011 Part 2

Since the Bengals season wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, we figured now is the perfect time to sit back and reflect on the year that was. So sit back and enjoy Part 2 of The Best of 2011! Don’t forget Who-Dey Weekly is now recorded LIVE each and every Wednesday night at 9 […]

WDW Episode 44 – Our All Time Bengals Offense

This week we reveal our All-Time Bengals Offense and look back at the 49ers debacle. We even throw out some shocking predictions for Sunday’s showdown with the “wagon circling” Buffalo Bills.

My Bengals all time top 11 (offense)

QB – Ken Anderson Ken Anderson still has not been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He holds records for completion percentage in a season, Super Bowl completion percentage and he once completed 20 of 22 passes against the Steel Curtain defense Steelers in 1974. He also has the second best postseason quarterback […]

WDW Episode 41 – HOFer Anthony Muñoz

Pro Football Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz stops by the show this week to look back at his fantastic career and look ahead to the 2011 Bengals.

Penalties – Bengals vs. Lions

  One of my recurring articles looks at the latest Bengals news from the perspective of NFL penalties, so for you first time readers all I have to say is… Delay of Game – What took ya so long!

Longtime Bengal Fan Nick Lachey Speaks Out

It’s not everyday that you find a high profile Hollywood celebrity who roots for our beloved Bengals. Nick Lachey has never kept his love for Cincinnati sports a secret either and in this Q&A with ESPN’s James Walker, he goes off on Mike Brown’s ownership ability and surprisingly goes after….Carson Palmer? Read the entire Q&A […]