June 26, 2017

Preview: Cardinals @ Bengals

A month ago, playing the Cardinals on Christmas Eve looked like a mulligan for the Bengals. But a funny thing happened on the way to the postseason hunt: the Cardinals got kinda good. Not great, but better than the struggling team we left for dead and forgot about at mid-season. Their returning to a .500 […]

On The Clock: Picks 5 – 6

All week we have been revealing picks from my mock draft. On the clock today are picks 5 – 6. To recap:

Is Palmer Retirement That Bad for Bengals?

I realize this may not be the most popular position to take, however I’ve decided to move on with Carson Palmer and so should the Bengals. I’d certainly understand the fan base’s disappointment had Carson continually put up numbers like he did in 2005. Let’s face it, that ship sailed as soon as Kimo took […]