August 17, 2017

Bengals Add Another Tight End in Lee

The Cincinnati Bengals have signed former Green Bay Packers tight end Donald Lee today. Lee was in Cincinnati yesterday for a tryout with the club and must have impressed. Last year with the Super Bowl Champs, Lee caught 11 passes for 73 yards and 3 touchdowns

Who-Dey Postgame – Browns Recap

Nick Seuberling and Timm Bates recap the Bengals 27-17 win over the Cleveland Browns.

Who-Dey Postgame To Debut Sunday

Who-Dey Postgame will debut this Sunday and will start 30 minutes after the game ends here at According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals will not allow callers during the 90 minute postgame show hosted by Alan Cutler. Even more reason for you to tune in to Who-Dey Postgame. Our phone lines will be […]

Bengals Cap Space: What’s The Plan?

Today, Mike Florio of PFT reported the latest cap space figures for NFL teams.  Of little surprise to most of us, the Bengals were near the top in available funds, coming in third with a whopping 29 million dollars free to spend.  This, of course, has elicited tyical feedback from the corners of Bengaldom, as […]

BengalFans Anonymous

If I know Bengals fans, then there is a small but vocal minority of fans beginning to red-line into thermo-emotional meltdown, ready to pounce on the Panic button and pulverize it. Odds are decent that you bumped into one of those guys since 7:20 Sunday evening who was howling like a siren. “This team is […]

What Is “Success” In 2011?

Most NFL fans would say that their team had a successful season if their team made the playoffs. Some might draw the line at a playoff win, but being one of the best 12 teams in the league (except for the Seahawks last year) is generally enough to make fans happy with their team. But […]

Pondering Run Production

Josh Kirkendall, one of the talented superbloggers at, found a little nugget from the fine chaps at Football Outsiders that got me thinking about the running game. We know that the Bengals intend to re-return to the running game, and that a productive running game will be the key to any success they find this year (just like 2009). […]


I wasn’t expecting the Kate Upton of performances for the preseason opener, but a 34-3 loss in Detroit shows that there is still plenty of work for the Bengals to do as they prepare for the regular season. Detroit is finally digging out from the Matt Millen era and putting something nice together, while the […]

Fire It Up!

On January 5th, following Mike Brown’s undisputed heavyweight failure of a press conference, if you had told me that I would be keenly interested in the 2011 preseason opener on August 12th, I would have flicked you in the forehead and called you an idiot. But somehow, someway, it has happened. In spite of the […]

Say That Again

Holy crap! What was that? I think I just got a little bit excited about the 2011 Bengals. Not big time, 15-1 excited. Just a little. But I never would have expected it. Not this year. What spurred this tiny twinge? I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look.