July 25, 2017

Five Keys: Week Two Postmortem

Well, despite the ongoing defensive deficiencies (and boy are there), the Bengals did manage to win the game on Sunday, and that feels a heck of a lot better than last week. Still, there are glaring problems on the defense.  Ironically, the defense was supposed to carry the offense, but Sunday it was the offense […]

What a Week!

Ladies and gentlemen, the sixth seal has been broken.  The end is near.  Those goofy 2012 theories are in fact, correct.  Armageddon is upon us. Call it, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers:  Cincy Style.” Either that, or Marvin Lewis and Katie Blackburn have finally staged their long-planned coup of Bengal headquarters.  After over 20 years […]

Twitter reaction to BenJarvus Green-Ellis

I asked for your response on the news that the Bengals may have a new running back. Finally the Bengals are making some noise in free agency. I will be adding responses here as they come in. WhoDey! @whodeyfans I’m good with it…Still think they may go Miller or Martin in draft. Plenty of options […]

The Bengals sign a running Back

According to just about everyone on Twitter, the Bengals came to terms with BenJarvus Green-Ellis.  I am hearing a 3 year deal. Ellis is also known as the running back that never fumbles, ever. As I talked about last night with Geoff Hobson from Bengals.com it is good that the Bengals were able to get […]