July 21, 2017

Browns Week Photo Caption Contest Part II

Our first photo caption contest featuring a Steeler fan was such a success, we’re now back for round 2. Can you guess what this Browns fan is thinking? Leave us your response in the comment section below and we’ll pick the winner on November 30th! The winner will get a brand spanking new copy of […]

This Week’s Game Is A Big One

A few weeks ago on the Who Dey Weekly Podcast, Nick, Mickey and I discussed whether or not the Pittsburgh game was one of the most important regular season games in Bengals team history.  While Mickey and I didn’t think that it was, Nick made a strong argument about how that game was key to […]

What is it like to be a Browns fan?

Here is a peek into the mind of the Browns fan.  Don’t spend too long there, it is a depressing place.   Cleveland Radio Host Goes Off

Week One Fantasy Roundup

Week one of the WhoDeyFans.com fantasy league is in the books, and while Nick put up an impressive showing by scoring 100 points and beating the Dirty Birds, my Striped Nightmare looked really bad and is in 15thplace.  The top scoring team was the Red Rifle with 117 points, while the low score was a […]

Tecmo Bowl Futures – Bengals at Browns

Once again we are going to let the Tecmo Bowl machine predict the outcome of the games this season. Week one has the Bengals traveling to Cleveland.   The Bengals start with the ball and give up a sack on the first play. However, Dalton finds his groove and gets his first passing TD in […]

Revisit reasons to hate the Cleveland Browns

There is a long raging debate between the main stream media (i.e. the hacks that do this for a living) and the blogsphere. You see the main stream guys hate the blogs for a couple reasons. They claim there are no standards and information is passed with no credible sources. Even though blogs broke some […]

It’s Cleveland week, Let’s try and set the mood

Here is a YouTube video to start the week off right.  Enjoy… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1c5yXTZFgo