October 24, 2016

Options At Backup Quarterback


Despite the complaints of a small (but vocal) minority of fans, Andy Dalton will undoubtedly be the starting quarterback in 2013. The coaching staff knows that he has to improve his level of play, as evidenced by recent comments from Jay Gruden, but they are also committed to giving him every opportunity to take that [...]

Focus On: Quarterbacks


There will be plenty of angst from certain quadrants of Bengals Nation in regards to Andy Dalton over the next 6 months. The pessimists among us are plentiful and proud. But are they right?

Who-Dey Postgame – Browns Recap

Who-Dey Postgame

Nick Seuberling and Timm Bates recap the Bengals 27-17 win over the Cleveland Browns.

ESPN Says Bengals Post Lockout Grade C-

If I had this issue, it would definitely be in the bathroom just in case.

For the price of a large quantity of toilet paper, I was able to acquire a subscription to ESPN The Magazine.  This is only useful to me for the purpose of the ESPN Insider access, as the Magazine pages are too thick and rigid to wipe with but in the end they have the same [...]

Gradkowski In Stripes

St. Louis Rams v Oakland Raiders

Joe Reedy has just tweeted that Bruce Gradkowski is the newest addition to the Bengals. It is good to see a QB with more game experience than Jordan Palmer on the roster. A word to Marvin: name a starting QB early in camp. Don’t go yanking around trying to get both Gradkowski and Andy Dalton [...]

Bengals Briefing

John Clayton thinks Andy Dalton will be getting a mentor soon.

James Walker takes a quick look at the Bengals heading into the opening of training camp on Thursday. Decisions on free agents Cedric Benson and Johnathan Joseph are at the top of the list. ESPN’s John Clayton also reported that he expects the Bengals to sign either Jim Sorgi or Bruce Gradkowski. Of the two, [...]