July 22, 2017

WDW Episode 47 – Best Bye Week Ever

[powerpress]What a whirlwind week it’s been to be a Bengals fan! News broke on Tuesday that former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer had officially been traded to the Oakland Raiders for their first round pick in the 2012 draft, along with a 2nd round pick in 2013. Mike Brown was adamant about not rewarding Carson for […]

Carson Palmer Press Conference

Check out a rather svelte Carson Palmer at his first press conference as a Raider. Palmer deserves some credit for taking the high road out of Cincinnati and being rather complimentary about his former team and their fans.

Mike Brown Relents

Many Bengals fans find it as hard to say something nice about Mike Brown as it is for most Clevelanders to say something nice about LeBron James. But today, the day that the Immovable Object relented and traded Carson Palmer to Oakland, he deserves to be credited for putting his stubbornness aside, for recognizing an […]

Per Adam Schefter – Carson Palmer is a Raider

Schefter vis Twitter: Carson Palmer to the Raiders now official. Compensation expected to be a 1 in 2012 and a conditional 1 in 2013. Who Freaking Dey. And the Bengals play the Raiders next season in the jungle.

Raiders offering 2 first round picks for Carson Palmer

A move like this makes it seem as though the Al Davis legacy is still running strong. In my opinion this is an overpayment based on the fact that the starting QB for the Raiders was injured for the season and the Raiders want the best available guy out there. If all the reports are […]

Jay Glazer reporting Carson close to gone – UPDATED

Jay Glazer on Twitter says the following: The Raiders & Bengals are close to a trade that would send Carson Palmer to OAK for a first-rounder in 2012 and a conditional pick in future The Bengals would be crazy to turn down a first round pick for Carson at this point.  A first round pick […]

Brandt: Palmer to Seahawks Makes Sense

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching and Andy “The Red Rifle” Dalton seemingly winning the hearts and minds of Bengaldom, there has been increased speculation regarding Carson Palmer’s future.  Officially, the team’s position is that Number Nine is retired, and they have no overriding reason to seek a trade.  Nonetheless, they are holding steadfastly to his rights, […]

Thank You, Carson

The 2011 Bengals were supposed to be bad.  Like epically bad—even for an organization that has made bad a tradition.  After all, the team was returning a losing coach, but not their top two wide receivers, or best cornerback.  The team was to be a young one–laughably so–in a division with the AFC Champion Steelers, the […]

Kid’s Gonna Be Alright

Many of our readers know that I live tweet during each and every Bengals game and this Sunday I saw the widest range of emotions from Bengals fans that I have ever seen. I even saw tweets calling for backup quarterback Bruce Gradkowski to be put into the game which got me to thinking, how […]

Some Observations From Sunday

Here, in no particular order, are some random observations I jotted down while watching the Bengals thrilling 23-20 win versus Buffalo yesterday: Observations from Week Four:  –Andrew Hawkins is a dynamic player in space.  In his two opportunities with the ball Sunday, Hawkins was elusive and impressively fast.  The team should try and get him […]