August 17, 2017

At The Quarter Pole – WhoDeyfans vs Cincy Jungle

Can you believe that 25% of the season is already over? The Bengals, who have been in each game in the 4th quarter, could just as easily be 4-0 and 0-4, but they come out of it 2-2. Andy Dalton has looked at times like the old Carson Palmer and at times like David Klingler […]

WDW Episode 44 – Our All Time Bengals Offense

This week we reveal our All-Time Bengals Offense and look back at the 49ers debacle. We even throw out some shocking predictions for Sunday’s showdown with the “wagon circling” Buffalo Bills.

Mid-Week Ramblings of a Deranged Fan

At mid-week, I am only now able to say that I am at peace with the debacle that was last Sunday:  Our beloved and infuriating Bengals lost an infinitely winnable game  to a clearly  inferior opponent at home.  I may finally be able to acknowledge it, but it still hurts to write it. Next comes Buffalo, with their […]

Carson Palmer traded to…

Nobody, not yet at least. But, lets look at what the rumor mill is churning up. All Sports Intel reported that the Dolphins offered a conditional third-round pick that could turn into a second if certain goals are reached. As early as this whole saga is, and it’s still early, a third is too low […]

The story of Quarterbacks this weekend against Denver

Denver’s most popular player of all time used to be John Elway. He probably still is, but he is being chased by a back-up quarterback who has done nothing in the NFL to earn the kind of faith the Denver fans have in him. The only thing Tebow has over Elway is that he came […]

Please, Make It Stop

It was the unending drumbeat of the offseason. No doubt you’ve read it hundreds of times. It’s gotten stupid. I absolutely cannot take it anymore. It needs to stop. Now. My example comes courtesy of Mo Egger’s blog, as he quotes John Dudley in his tear-soaked hissy fit review of the Browns performance on Sunday. Find […]

It Never Ends…

We have all heard ad nauseam that if Carson Palmer reports to the Bengals before Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns, the team will be required to pay the $11.5 million he is scheduled to make this season or else cave to his demands to release or trade him.  We also know that he has […]

ESPN Report: Carson Might Be Back Next Week

Wow. According to ESPN’s Bob Holtzman, a Bengals front office source believes that Carson Palmer could come back next week, forcing the team to make a decision on its former franchise quarterback. “Why wouldn’t he just show up and say, ‘I’ll take my $11.5 million,” NFL Network’s Rich Eisen said about the situation. “You either […]

WDW Episode 40 – Madden 12 with Cincy Jungle’s Joe Goodberry

We preview what’s in store for the Bengals in this year’s Madden 12 (in stores now) with’s Joe Goodberry.

Carson’s Next Move

The Palmer name, which for the last few seasons has been a staple of the Bengals quarterback depth chart, is nowhere to be found. At least for now. Recent rumors suggested that Carson Palmer was not happy with the way his younger brother Jordan was being treated by the Bengals in training camp. Backup Jordan […]