October 28, 2016

WDW Episode 39 – 1530 Homer’s Mo Egger


We said Happy Birthday/Anniversary to the Who-Dey Weekly podcast! We posted our first show exactly one year ago Wednesday. Mickey, Timm and Seubs were also joined this week by Cincinnati’s ESPN 1530 Homer’s, Mo Egger.

Carson Palmer to return to the Bengals?


So the speculation now (thanks to an article on Profootballtalk.com) is that because Carson has not filed retirement papers, he may return to the Bengals. Speculation also states this could be a strategic move by Palmer to force the hand of Mike Brown to trade or release him. “The end game for both sides remains [...]

WDW Episode 37 – Fandemonium Special

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It’s our Fandemonium Special and two lucky listeners, Jared and Brandon made their Who-Dey Weekly debuts in stellar fashion.

Can The Bengals Recover From The Worst Offseason Ever?

The Bengals are the rusty '74 Monte Carlo of the NFL.

As a freshman in high school, my brother would drive me and my best friend Bobby to and from school in his 1974 Monte Carlo. It had a 8 track deck for a stereo, a flaking faux leather roof cover, and what could only be described as a rust paint job. On occasion, when we [...]

Poll: Does Chad’s Departure Make Carson Change His Mind?

Could Ocho's departure make Carson rethink his retirement?

It’s been floated out by a few readers that with Chad Ochocinco now off to plague Tom Brady in New England, Carson Palmer might reconsider his retirement and choose to come back to the Queen City. Is it possible that with T.O. and Chad now gone and no more uncontrolled egos on the team to [...]

WDW Episode 35 – Frantic Free Agency

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Timm Bates and Nick Seuberling discuss this weeks Bengals news regarding Free Agency, Mike Brown, and Carson Palmer.

Bengals Don’t Get It: Part 3,219

Paper or plastic? We should all wear one for press conferences,

  Thankfully, I missed the live press conference today. Coincidentally, the wall in my house was saved from having my head thrown against it. Once again, the Bengals brass underperformed in the public arena. At least in my mind. Some people will be happy that Mike Brown gave Carson Palmer what seemed to be a [...]

Palmer Not Dealt, But Dealt With

Mike Brown puts an end to the Palmer trade talk, but is it a bad move for the Bengals?

I guess Mike Brown is human after all.  It is apparent that his golden boy has hurt his feelings, as he made a terse but definitive statement this afternoon regarding the future of the former face of the franchise, Carson Palmer.  Brown had sidestepped the issue all spring and summer, being polite but hopeful in [...]

Comparison Shopping for QB’s


With Mike Brown seemingly squashing all of the Carson Palmer rumors, all of the Bengals Twitterverse erupted in disgust. Look, we are all disappointed that Carson has decided to pursue other avenues outside of football. However, I believe that as a city we must move on and I’m here to help you do that. Let’s [...]

J Jo Makes Top Ten Free Agent List

UFA Jonathan Joseph will cash in big this week.

To no surprise, Jonathan Joseph has made John Clayton’s top free agent list, that according to an article on ESPN.com. While Joseph will surely discuss a new contract with the Bengals, who have lots of money to spend, it seems very likely that he will test the waters of free agency and should command a [...]