June 23, 2017

Shall He Return?

The analysts on the NFL Network took a look yesterday at quarterbacks with uncertain futures. Of course, Carson Palmer made the list. Jason La Canfora’s thoughts, however, were a bit more surprising. La Canfora said that he still believes there’s still a chance that Palmer returns. Perhaps he and Mike Brown are the only people […]

Trying it on: Palmer for DRC, straight-up. Thoughts?

Part of the fun of blogging about the Bengals is that it allows you to throw your wild ideas out for public consumption. Every fan fantasizes about being the GM; sitting in the big chair making the draft picks, the trades, and the free agency moves while occasionally sending the office clerk Mike Brown out […]

Source: Carson Palmer’s locker is empty and name plate removed

So, we here at WhoDeyFans had the opportunity to chat with a source who may have access to the Bengals locker room. They come to us with this:   “His locker (Palmer)  is already cleaned out and name plate removed”   Interesting, I respond. But, aren’t all lockers cleaned out at this time of year […]

Schefter: “I Think Carson Sits Out”

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter sat in on the Mike and Mike radio show this morning and answered Twitter questions from football fans. One Dolphins fan wondered if his team would make a play for Carson Palmer. Schefter quickly put a whole heap of ice water on that subject, saying he didn’t believe Bengals owner Mike […]

In Defense of Carson Palmer: Message Board Edition

Most Bengals fans have moved on from Carson Palmer, figuring that his presence alone could poison what figures to be a re-energized locker room. Mike Brown hasn’t. And I haven’t either. I figure if there’s a way to get Carson back on board for one year, it would give Andy Dalton time to adjust, and […]

WDW Episode 32 – Decisions Decisions

Who-Dey Weekly fans that’s right we are back and better than ever after a nice refreshing holiday weekend. On this week’s show we discuss the possibility of Andy Dalton as the starting quarterback. We also discuss

PFT: Bengals To-Do List

ProFootballTalk.com published a Bengals checklist highlighting some of the personnel moves that Cincinnati will need to make once the lockout is lifted. At the top of the list, is Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco. However, further down I think they missed the mark on some of the team’s other needs. I believe re-signing Johnathan Joseph […]

Ochocinco Predicts Palmer’s Future

The chorus of players predicting Carson Palmer’s exit continued on ESPN with Chad Ochocinco’s interview. Mike Brown may think Carson might still come back, but his players seem to think he won’t.

Dhani Tackles The Palmers

Whether or not Dhani Jones returns to the Bengals remains a matter of conjecture, and will continue to be so until a new collective bargaining agreement is struck and we have the treat of an expedited free agency feeding frenzy. If I was a betting man, I’d say there’s a good chance he stays. He’s […]

Houshmanzadeh: Carson Leaves, Ochocinco Stays

Former Bengals wide receiver T.J. Houshmanzadeh shared his thoughts on the Cincinnati Bengals offseason soap opera with the National Football Post. In the article, Housh said he believes Palmer is bound and determined to leave and Ochocinco will somehow be back. It’s worth a read. Click the image to read the article from the National […]