August 17, 2017

WDW Episode 46 – Cardiac Cats are Back

This week Mickey and Seubs break down the Bengals 30-20 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. We also continue to marvel at the wonder that is AJ Green and Andy Dalton. The two have both performed extremely well in their first 5 NFL games. We also look ahead to this Sunday’s matchup for the the Peyton […]

Kid’s Gonna Be Alright

Many of our readers know that I live tweet during each and every Bengals game and this Sunday I saw the widest range of emotions from Bengals fans that I have ever seen. I even saw tweets calling for backup quarterback Bruce Gradkowski to be put into the game which got me to thinking, how […]

Some Observations From Sunday

Here, in no particular order, are some random observations I jotted down while watching the Bengals thrilling 23-20 win versus Buffalo yesterday: Observations from Week Four:  –Andrew Hawkins is a dynamic player in space.  In his two opportunities with the ball Sunday, Hawkins was elusive and impressively fast.  The team should try and get him […]

WDW Episode 44 – Our All Time Bengals Offense

This week we reveal our All-Time Bengals Offense and look back at the 49ers debacle. We even throw out some shocking predictions for Sunday’s showdown with the “wagon circling” Buffalo Bills.

Mid-Week Ramblings of a Deranged Fan

At mid-week, I am only now able to say that I am at peace with the debacle that was last Sunday:  Our beloved and infuriating Bengals lost an infinitely winnable game  to a clearly  inferior opponent at home.  I may finally be able to acknowledge it, but it still hurts to write it. Next comes Buffalo, with their […]

Response to CincyJungle’s thoughts on Benson

Our friend Jason Garrison over at posted an article about how after this season he is done with Bengals running back Cedric Benson and how he hopes the Bengals agree. I could not disagree more with the Bengals parting ways with Benson. I am all for getting a young back in here to groom […]

PFT: Benson Filing Unfair Labor Practice Charge Against NFLPA

We posted a story earlier this week regarding a potential 3-game suspension of RB Cedric  Benson for his latest legal entanglements, a report Benson did not immediately confirm. We later got word that Benson and his representation were appealing the decision next week.  Now Mike Florio at PFT has word that Benson is not only […]

The News Keeps Getting Better….

Our patience as Bengals fans is really being tested this week. First it was the news of Jerome Simpson and the high-grade marijuana that was delivered to his home in Northern Kentucky. Now there is news today regarding Cedric Benson’s status for the next few weeks. Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports has reported that Cedric […]

WDW Episode 43 – Dan Hoard from the Bengals Radio Network

This week we welcome in Dan Hoard, the play by play voice of the Bengals Radio Network. Dan and Seubs discuss the Broncos loss and look ahead to Sunday’s home opener against the 49ers.

WDW Episode 42 – Broncos Preview

Cincinnati Enquirer Bengals Beat WriterJoe Reedy stops by the show this week to look back at the Browns win on Sunday and looks ahead to Sunday vs the Denver Broncos. Zach Baker, Sports Editor for the Advertiser-Tribune in Tiffin, OH looks back on Sunday’s game vs the Browns and breaks down just went wrong for […]