June 28, 2017

WDW Episode 71 – Big Willie Style

Joining us this week on the program is Bengals.com’s Geoff Hobson. It’s always fun catching up with him because he is a Bengals encyclopedia.

Ochocinco Is Now A Free Agent

The Patriots have ended the Ochocinco experiment, releasing him today. The Bengals need a #2 wide receiver. You know the suggestion is coming. Could you? [polldaddy poll=6295989]

A.J. Will Eclipse Ocho

Before the small-but-vocal faction of Chad apologists left among Bengals Nation gets worked up by the title, this is not a ‘bash on Chad’ post. Though I was not sad to see him traded, I like Chad. I defended him to the hilt for years. History will remember him as a colossal personality and a […]

Marvin: Carson Quit Before End Of Season

I have no love lost for Carson Palmer. I’ve had a very thinly-veiled contempt for the player I used to call my favorite Bengal ever since he abandoned his teammates, his coaches, his fans, and his legacy by taking his proverbial ball and going home.  I am 100% glad he is gone and no matter how […]

My Bengals all time top 11 (offense)

QB – Ken Anderson Ken Anderson still has not been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He holds records for completion percentage in a season, Super Bowl completion percentage and he once completed 20 of 22 passes against the Steel Curtain defense Steelers in 1974. He also has the second best postseason quarterback […]

Chad Still Has His Bad Habits

I am one of the many Bengals fans who loved and defended Chad for a long time, finally got tired of him, and is now glad that he is playing for any other team. The fact that it is New England is actually kind of funny. Why, you ask? Because in NE, you don’t get to […]

WDW Episode 36 – Camp Opens and Free Agency

Mickey makes his triumphant return to the podcast this week along with Timm and Seubs. The guys discuss the Bengals activity in the Free Agent market as well as WhoDeyFans.com’s upcoming travels to Georgetown College. Come join us at the WhoDeyFans bus August 4th at Georgetown College!

Thanks Chad

Chad Ochocinco is no longer a Bengal. While I am sad to see him go, I think he steps into a good situation in New England. Lately, people have been coming down on Chad thinking that he was no longer committed to the game of football and that he had become a distraction for the […]

Poll: Does Chad’s Departure Make Carson Change His Mind?

It’s been floated out by a few readers that with Chad Ochocinco now off to plague Tom Brady in New England, Carson Palmer might reconsider his retirement and choose to come back to the Queen City. Is it possible that with T.O. and Chad now gone and no more uncontrolled egos on the team to […]

Adios Ocho

The talented and turbulent Bengals career of Chad Ochocinco ended today with #85 being shipped to New England for what Adam Schefter is calling late round picks in the next two drafts. While I am a little disappointed that the Bengals couldn’t get more for him (I expect a motivated and focused Chad to have […]