June 26, 2017

Ochocinco out as a Bengal?

If you believe the twitter chatter, sources are saying that Ochocinco has been released. No matter what you think of the flamboyant wide receiver, this is a sad day in bengalville. Ocho made the Bengals relevant when they weren’t and for that he will always be a favorite of mine.   This is not confirmed […]

AJ Green Signed

The frantic push to training camp is well underway, and while we know that Carson Palmer will be a no-show, at least for once we can count on our first round pick being in on time (Thank you CBA!).  Profootballtalk.com has repeated several other reports that Georgia WR AJ Green has signed with the club. […]

WDW Episode 35 – Frantic Free Agency

Timm Bates and Nick Seuberling discuss this weeks Bengals news regarding Free Agency, Mike Brown, and Carson Palmer.

The Ochocinco Saga

Chad Ochocinco sent an interesting Tweet into cyberspace today, ending it with “EAGLES” in all caps. Clearly, Ochocinco wants out of Cincy. I think it’s best for the team to move on as well. But will the Bengals get anything for him? Ochocinco, for all his antics, is still is a quality wide receiver and […]

PFT: Bengals To-Do List

ProFootballTalk.com published a Bengals checklist highlighting some of the personnel moves that Cincinnati will need to make once the lockout is lifted. At the top of the list, is Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco. However, further down I think they missed the mark on some of the team’s other needs. I believe re-signing Johnathan Joseph […]

Ochocinco Predicts Palmer’s Future

The chorus of players predicting Carson Palmer’s exit continued on ESPN with Chad Ochocinco’s interview. Mike Brown may think Carson might still come back, but his players seem to think he won’t.

Daughtery Observes Planet Ocho

Paul Daugherty wrote an interesting article for SportsIllustrated.com examining how the antics of Chad Ochocinco have affected his football career. Most fans would agree that Ochocinco’s on-field performance has suffered as his entertainment empire expanded.  I still think Ochocinco might have some good football in him, but it might not surface until he’s more focused […]

Houshmanzadeh: Carson Leaves, Ochocinco Stays

Former Bengals wide receiver T.J. Houshmanzadeh shared his thoughts on the Cincinnati Bengals offseason soap opera with the National Football Post. In the article, Housh said he believes Palmer is bound and determined to leave and Ochocinco will somehow be back. It’s worth a read. Click the image to read the article from the National […]

Film Study: Andy Dalton

ESPNU aired a rebroadcast of the Rose Bowl the other day, giving me a perfect opportunity to study the Bengals’ newest quarterback, Andy Dalton. When he hasn’t been riding bulls, sitting in race cars or creating controversies inside the Bengals organization, Chad Ochocinco has been doing the same. According to NFL.com, here’s what Ochocinco had […]

The Ocho Has Landed

So the latest from the blogosphere is that our old pal, Chad Ochocinco has finally found the time in his busy jet-setting scheduled to make an appearance in the ‘Nati, and he’s trying to hook up with the boys for some players-only work-outs. Yes, the soccer fetish has subsided for now, and the urban cowboy […]