July 27, 2017

WDW Episode 77 – Reggie Kelly Interview

We welcome Mr. Number 1 Fan back to the program this week after spending a week with his family at the beach. Mickey was excited because despite being 12 hours from Cincinnati, he was still able to watch BOTH Bengals preseason games AND still catch the Reds vs the Cubs on WGN. The Bengals did […]

The Zimmer Era

Mike Zimmer, easily one of our favorite coaches, is bringing his badass style to the sideline for his fifth season as the Bengals’ Defensive Coordinator. He has overseen a transformation of his unit from a group that routinely ranked in the bottom third of the league into legitimate top-10 contenders. The progress is easily visible […]

Who-Dey Postgame – Seahawks Recap

Nick Seuberling and Timm Bates recap the Bengals 34-12 victory over the Seattle Seahawks! It’s the Bengals first win on the road following a bye week in the Marvin Lewis era. Speaking of Marvin, with Sunday’s win he surpassed Sam Wyche for the all time lead in wins with 65.

When can fan optimism start?

Ok, so there is real football coming.  In a flurry of activity with some big names being dropped and undrafted free agents being signed the excitement is coming.  The kids over at the tired revolution are already off and running predicting the Bengals to go 0 and 16 so my question is, when can the […]


Who is your favorite Bengal? Chad? Jordan Shipley? Geno Atkins? Carlos Dunlap? Dennis Roland? (Just kidding.) Right now, I’d have to say my favorite Bengal is Mike Zimmer. Every time I read a quote from him, I’m left thinking “D*** I like this guy! He doesn’t fit into the Mike Brown mold at all!” GH […]