June 23, 2017

Roster Review

I wish I could report that the Bengals were as active over the weekend as some other teams (like the Eagles). But let’s take a look at what did happen so far in changes to the roster. Draft Picks: All 8 draft picks, including top picks WR A.J. Green and QB Andy Dalton, were signed before […]

Remaining Priorities

Well, much has been done by the Bengals in just a few days. Half of the draft picks are signed, including A.J. Green. Nice. They landed the highly-pursued Bruce Gradkowski. (Don’t let the sarcasm fool you. I think it was a good move.) They downgraded an offer from of two high picks for Chad 3 […]

Who Gets The Money Now? [UPDATED]

On Wednesday, I posited this theory: the way Mike Brown handles contract disputes — with Carson Palmer being the most recent example — deters quality free agents from seriously considering playing in Cincinnati. (Of course, his 114-205-1 record as owner is an even bigger deterrent.) This free agency period is going to be a great […]

The Chilling Effect

After the second failure of a presser this year by the comedy duo of Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis, I decided to give things a day before posting about it because, frankly, writing about how stupid Mr Brown is just isn’t fun any more. That horse has been beaten beyond the hope of even making […]

When can fan optimism start?

Ok, so there is real football coming.  In a flurry of activity with some big names being dropped and undrafted free agents being signed the excitement is coming.  The kids over at the tired revolution are already off and running predicting the Bengals to go 0 and 16 so my question is, when can the […]

PFF: AFC North Free Agency Preview

ProFootballFocus takes a look at the AFC North’s approach to free agency, which could be starting on Monday. Both analysts believe the Bengals would be best served by re-signing Johnathan Joseph, but I have a feeling he will command more money than the Bengals are willing to pay (stop me if you’ve heard that before). […]

This Year’s Free Agency: Supermarket Sweep?

Most of you are probably too manly to remember the 1990s game show Supermarket Sweep. Sadly, I’m not. The show’s final challenge ended with three teams making a mad dash through a supermarket to spend as much money as possible. Whoever spent the most, won. It was kind of like Daniel Snyder’s reign as owner […]

Going Tagless Can Be Irritating

In a somewhat unsurprising development, the Bengals are not expected to place a franchise or transition tag on any of their free agents for the second consecutive season.  The tag deadline is 4 PM Thursday.  Among key free agents for the Bengals are Cedric Benson and Johnathan Joseph.