May 30, 2016

WDW Episode 87 – Back to the Grind


The Podcast Awards are here! Don’t forget to vote for our show in the Sports Category! Vote now at! Huge thanks to all of you who took the time to nominate our show! Who-Dey Weekly was one of over 5000 podcasts to be nominated in this years awards. It’s an amazing honor and I [...]

WDW Episode 71 – Big Willie Style


Joining us this week on the program is’s Geoff Hobson. It’s always fun catching up with him because he is a Bengals encyclopedia.

WDW Episode 61 – The Best of 2011 Part 2

Since the Bengals season wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, we figured now is the perfect time to sit back and reflect on the year that was. So sit back and enjoy Part 2 of The Best of 2011! Don’t forget Who-Dey Weekly is now recorded LIVE each and every Wednesday night at 9 [...]

This Week on WDW

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This week on the podcast we’ll be joined by the man behind‘s fantastic coverage, Geoff “Butch” Hobson. Send us your questions for Geoff at or