August 16, 2017

WDW Episode 95 – Technology Rules

The last time we spoke the Bengals needed to beat Pittsburgh to get into the postseason. Check. They also needed to beat the Ravens to clinch double digit wins for the third time under Marvin Lewis. Check. Now the Bengals have a prime opportunity to end their most daunting streak, winning a postseason game for […]

The Bengals Will Win On Saturday If…

Vegas might be considering the Texans to be a 4.5 point favorite to win Saturday’s game, but you might not know that given some of the talk whirling around the interwebs. More than a few non-Bengals-oriented sites are lining up the Texans’ recent losing skid against the Bengals’ strong second half of the season and […]

Three reasons the Cincinnati Bengals will win on Saturday

The Bengals defensive line is really good. The Bengals are in the top 3 for sacks this season and this is largely because of the play of the Bengals defensive line. The front 4 for the Bengals have generated 42 of the teams 51 sacks (that alone is better than 25 other NFL teams). This […]

Not the same game this time

Last year the Bengals were happy to make the playoffs. This year they want to make a splash in the post season. On the surface it looks the same. The Bengals face the Houston Texans in Houston in the first playoff game on wildcard weekend. That is where the similarities end. Last season the Bengals limped into […]

Postseason Preview: Bengals @ Texans

Welcome to the playoffs, WhoDeyFans! The good guys are back for another shot at ending the dry spell of playoff victories. With the number of bad streaks this team has snapped this year, I am excited for this game to see yet another streak end on Saturday. Two rookie QBs square off in a playoff […]

Preview: Texans @ Bengals

To secure a playoff spot, the Bengals have to find a way to knock off at least one of the two 9-3 teams remaining on their schedule: the Texans or the Ravens. The Texans come to Paul Brown Stadium with their 3rd-string QB, T.J. Yates, at the helm of the offense. While no team that […]

On The Clock: Picks 11 – 12

With a shortage of news thanks to the lockout, there isn’t much to do except to continue on with my mock draft. On the clock today are picks 11 – 12. To recap:

WDW Episode 03 – Keys to Success in 2010

Normally we’ll have our shows ready for you each and every Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. However with the Labor Day weekend we got a late start to the week but wanted to get Bengal Nation a show prior to their kickoff this Sunday in New England. How do you think the Bengals will do […]