July 25, 2017

Relax-Part One: WR2

As we head to training camp (roughly a month away at this point-thank God!), there are two positions that seem to be the cause of a lot of fretting and nail-biting that I just don’t understand. WR2 and CB. Now, I whole-heartedly agree that these two positions are of huge importance to the team’s chances […]

It’s Game Day!

It’s Saturday! Game day is finally here. What started as a pie-in-the-sky dream in August is now a reality.  The Bengals have defied the odds makers and experts to find themselves playing on Wild Card Weekend.  Enjoy the moment, my fellow fans, for they don’t come along every year.  Of course, the enjoyment factor is […]

Bengals Up 16-3 at Half

In what Marvin Lewis called the most important game in his NFL career, things have gone largely to plan for Cincinnati today as they lead the Houston Texans 16-3 at the half. The Bengal defense has gotten two turnovers that were converted into 10 points, and have used opportunistic passing and an effective running day […]

WDW Episode 52 – Giving Thanks to Bengals Fans

Despite the Bengals losing two AFC North games in a row, the playoffs are in their sites. How confident should fans be? The NFL sent a memo to the Bengals this week advising them to send out invoices for Playoff tickets to season ticket holders!

Comeback Falls Short, 31-24

The Bengals withstood 3 turnovers, and 14 Raven points off those turnovers, plus several ugly defensive breakdowns and a horrendous call by the officials to make the game very interesting.  But in the end, these steel-belted Bengals couldn’t pull the raven out of the hat in Baltimore, finally succumbing with just 33 ticks left on […]

Ravens Up 14-7 at Half

After looking dominant on both offense and defense for the first quarter, snagging a 7-0 lead while flummoxing Joe Flacco in the process, the Bengals seemed to fall asleep for the duration of the second quarter, allowing Baltimore to score 2 touchdowns to take a 14-7 halftime lead. The scores were made possible primarily due […]

My Two Cents: Take a Look at New England

  Coming off a tough home loss to the Steelers last Sunday, the Bengals head to Baltimore for another titanic divisional clash with another monster in the 6-3 Ravens.  After surprising the league with a 6-2 first half, the Bengals are now hurled head first into the teeth of the toughest part of their schedule.  […]

WDW Episode 51 – All Good Things Must Come to an End

After a disappointing result on Sunday versus the Steelers, the Bengals look to get back up off the mat in Baltimore.

Who-Dey Postgame – Jaguars Recap

Nick Seuberling and Timm Bates recap the Bengals 30-20 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Some Observations From Sunday

Here, in no particular order, are some random observations I jotted down while watching the Bengals thrilling 23-20 win versus Buffalo yesterday: Observations from Week Four:  –Andrew Hawkins is a dynamic player in space.  In his two opportunities with the ball Sunday, Hawkins was elusive and impressively fast.  The team should try and get him […]