August 17, 2017

WDW Episode 40 – Madden 12 with Cincy Jungle’s Joe Goodberry

We preview what’s in store for the Bengals in this year’s Madden 12 (in stores now) with’s Joe Goodberry.

Carson’s Next Move

The Palmer name, which for the last few seasons has been a staple of the Bengals quarterback depth chart, is nowhere to be found. At least for now. Recent rumors suggested that Carson Palmer was not happy with the way his younger brother Jordan was being treated by the Bengals in training camp. Backup Jordan […]

Tuesday Highlights

A few highlights from Marvin Lewis’ press conference and Sirius NFL Radio’s training camp tour of the Bengals camp: -Radio hosts Solomon Wilcots and Jim Miller were rather impressed with the efficiency of the Bengals offense. The guys noted that they didn’t see the football bouncing around a lot, which is indicative of poor throws, […]

WDW Episode 35 – Frantic Free Agency

Timm Bates and Nick Seuberling discuss this weeks Bengals news regarding Free Agency, Mike Brown, and Carson Palmer.

WDW Episode 32 – Decisions Decisions

Who-Dey Weekly fans that’s right we are back and better than ever after a nice refreshing holiday weekend. On this week’s show we discuss the possibility of Andy Dalton as the starting quarterback. We also discuss

Dhani Tackles The Palmers

Whether or not Dhani Jones returns to the Bengals remains a matter of conjecture, and will continue to be so until a new collective bargaining agreement is struck and we have the treat of an expedited free agency feeding frenzy. If I was a betting man, I’d say there’s a good chance he stays. He’s […]

AFC North Top Dogs: Quarterback

Our irregular (cue the diarrhea sponsorship), quasi-periodic feature continues today with a look at the best quarterbacks in the division. It pains me to write it, but I think the alpha male is pretty obvious in this case. Top Dog: Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Big Dog: Joe Flacco, Baltimore My thoughts: There should be little debate […]

Going Polling: Bengals QB Quandary

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Scouting Reports: Carson vs. Dalton’s Bucky Brooks looks at the Bengals’ options at quarterback this season. (It’s interesting to note that Jordan Palmer and Dan LeFevour were not mentioned). I think it’s fairly obvious that Carson Palmer gives the Bengals the best chance to win, but his level of commitment makes things a little murky. This one doesn’t seem […]

The 2011 Bengals: QB

Now that we are past the NFL draft, I can take an early assessment of where we are as a team before the end of the lockout and eventual start of free agency. Today, I will look at the quarterback position.