October 25, 2016

Who-Dey Postgame – Jaguars Recap

Who-Dey Postgame

Nick Seuberling and Timm Bates recap the Bengals 30-20 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Who-Dey Postgame – Browns Recap

Who-Dey Postgame

Nick Seuberling and Timm Bates recap the Bengals 27-17 win over the Cleveland Browns.

Bengals extend Leon Hall


The Cincinnati Bengals are continuing to do everything right in the days leading up to the season. Today ProFootballTalk announced that the Bengals and Leon Hall agreed to a 4 year, 39 million dollar extension. One more feather in the cap for the Bengals GM that is working to keep the young core of this [...]

Bengals Cap Space: What’s The Plan?

What's his plan for the 29 million in cap space? Does he have one?

Today, Mike Florio of PFT reported the latest cap space figures for NFL teams.  Of little surprise to most of us, the Bengals were near the top in available funds, coming in third with a whopping 29 million dollars free to spend.  This, of course, has elicited tyical feedback from the corners of Bengaldom, as [...]

Can The Bengals Recover From The Worst Offseason Ever?

The Bengals are the rusty '74 Monte Carlo of the NFL.

As a freshman in high school, my brother would drive me and my best friend Bobby to and from school in his 1974 Monte Carlo. It had a 8 track deck for a stereo, a flaking faux leather roof cover, and what could only be described as a rust paint job. On occasion, when we [...]

J Jo Makes Top Ten Free Agent List

UFA Jonathan Joseph will cash in big this week.

To no surprise, Jonathan Joseph has made John Clayton’s top free agent list, that according to an article on ESPN.com. While Joseph will surely discuss a new contract with the Bengals, who have lots of money to spend, it seems very likely that he will test the waters of free agency and should command a [...]

Free Agency No-Brainer: Re-Sign J-Joe

Re-signing Johnathan Joseph should be a slam dunk.

James Walker of ESPN.com posted the salary cap situations of every AFC North team. The Bengals are a reported $35.9 million under the cap and will have to spend a good portion of that if the salary floor rises as expected. So what is the team to do? Well, if it were me, I’d start [...]

The 2011 Bengals: Cornerbacks

My son Alex with his favorite Bengal, Leon Hall, at training camp 2010.

In the weeks since the completion of the NFL draft, I have been looking at the various position groups in an effort to shed light on where the team currently stands with their personnel and to foreshadow needed moves once free agency begins.  You can see the history of these articles in my archives.  Today, [...]

AFC North Top Dogs: Cornerback

It feels good to be on top.

Here’s another look at the best of the best (Eric Roberts? Bonus points if you get that reference) in the AFC North. Today, we look at cornerbacks. My initial reaction was that it would be a clean sweep for the Bengals. And since the Bengals never seem to do very well in rankings of any [...]

NFL Draft Rewind: 2007 Round 1-3

In the coming weeks leading up to the April 28th NFL Draft, I will be taking a look at past Bengals drafts during the Marvin Lewis era. Today’s I look back at rounds 1-3 of the 2007 Bengals draft. After a disappointing season that ended with an overtime loss to Pittsburgh that knocked us out [...]