July 27, 2017


I wasn’t expecting the Kate Upton of performances for the preseason opener, but a 34-3 loss in Detroit shows that there is still plenty of work for the Bengals to do as they prepare for the regular season. Detroit is finally digging out from the Matt Millen era and putting something nice together, while the […]

Fire It Up!

On January 5th, following Mike Brown’s undisputed heavyweight failure of a press conference, if you had told me that I would be keenly interested in the 2011 preseason opener on August 12th, I would have flicked you in the forehead and called you an idiot. But somehow, someway, it has happened. In spite of the […]

Behind Enemy Lines – Detroit Lions

And Football Go! Real football (well preseason) starts for the Bengals on Friday. The Bengals will be travelling the the far away land known as Detroit.  We decided to ask 5 questions to the Lions blog TheHouseOfSpears.net. Below are our questions and their answers.  We also asked them 6 of our own questions that they […]