July 25, 2017

Georgetown College Delaying Decision On Training Camp

  Lexington TV station WKYT is reporting that Bengals brass and school officials are going to hold off on the decision of whether to cancel training camp at Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY until the league owners meet next Thursday, July 21, in Atlanta.  The previous deadline was July 15th.  With recent optimism surrounding the lockout, school […]

WDW Episode 33 – Bengals.com’s Geoff Hobson

Our thanks to Bengals.com’s Geoff Hobson for stopping by the podcast this week. You think the lockout’s just affecting players and owners? Ask him how he’s handled this summer. We’d also like to thank him for including some of us here at WhoDeyFans.com in his latest story.

Lockout Humor…who knew?

Who knew the lockout could be so funny? Well done FunnyorDie.com!

Think of the little guy

  The interesting point in the lockout is fast approaching.  To the casual fan, the lockout is something the NFL is dealing with and will be handled before “real” football is going to start.  However, the longer the disagreement lasts, the more real damage will be done.  Take a minute and think about the people […]

WDW Episode 30 – Guess Who’s Back

Who-Dey Weekly fans that’s right we are back and better than ever now that we’ve joined forces with WhoDeyFans.com. On this week’s show we introduce Mickey Mentzer, the creator of WhoDeyFans.com. Mickey fills us in on how he became a Bengals fan, and just how expensive a short bus can be.

Bengals Still Working

The Bengals ownership might have locked out its players, but some of them are still working. Here’s some video evidence. Hopefully, they’ll still have a reason to be in shape once September arrives.

WDW Episode 25 – It’s Madness!

March Madness is here and Who-Dey Weekly is back and better than ever! Check out our latest episode as we touch on the upcoming NFL Draft with resident blogger Timm Bates. We also look ahead to what’s in store for Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco’s now trying a new game of “football”. Who you got […]

NFL, Union determined to ruin offseason

The NFL made a last ditch effort to come to an agreement with the NFLPA, but it was rejected and the union decertified late yesterday, which was followed by the official beginning of the lockout just after midnight.


• Too Many Men on the Field: Am I the only one that is not surprised they can’t hammer out a new CBA extension when Mike Brown is on the 10 man labor committee? Brown was one of two owners to vote against the last CBA when it was ratified. If ever there was a […]

CBA Uncertainty Puts Twist on Palmer Drama

Circle March 4th and April 28th on your calendars. These dates will play a key role in how the Carson Palmer saga unfolds in the coming months. March 4th is the start of the new NFL league year, and traditionally when free agency begins. April 28th is the first night of the 2011 NFL draft. […]