June 28, 2017

Draft Strategy: Linebackers

The linebacker group is another position that could be in for a complete overhaul this offseason. All of the veteran players are currently free agents. How many are worth bringing back? Could the Bengals turn them all loose and start over?

Focus On: Linebackers

This is the first in a series of articles looking through each of the position groups with an eye toward free agency. And why not begin with one of the lightning rods for this team?

WDW Episode 81 – You Call That Defense?

Uh, what the hell is going on out there defense? 430 yards to the Ravens, OK. But 439 to the Browns? Are you for real? Where is the defensive line? Where are the LB’s? You call that a secondary? How you guys managed to win this game is beyond me, oh yeah our pal Adam […]

ESPN Says Bengals Post Lockout Grade C-

For the price of a large quantity of toilet paper, I was able to acquire a subscription to ESPN The Magazine.  This is only useful to me for the purpose of the ESPN Insider access, as the Magazine pages are too thick and rigid to wipe with but in the end they have the same […]

Bengals D: What a Rush!

The Bengals may have flaws in several places, but there’s one thing fans should be excited about – the pass rush. Carlos Dunlap flourished in the second half of last season, finishing his rookie year with 9.5 sacks overall. Defensive tackle Geno Atkins also had a solid rookie year, recording three sacks and a number […]

Bengals Add Depth at LB…Again

It’s no secret that with the lack of depth at linebacker, the Bengals are in need of making a few signings at all 3 positions. So when word out of camp broke early Tuesday morning that former 49ers SAM linebacker, Manny Lawson, had signed with the Bengals it was no real surprise at all. After […]