August 17, 2017

Bengals Big Board

Unfortunately, I don’t have much pull in the Bengals draft room. (I would have never drafted Andre Smith for starters). But if I did, I have a feeling my board would look quite differently than the some of those who are actually in control. Here are my top four players for the Bengals heading into […]

Friday Top Five: My Bengals Big Board

I don’t have enough hair to be Mel Kiper, but I know the Bengals all too well. Here’s the draft board our team should use. 1. Patrick Peterson, LSU, defensive back 2. Marcell Dareus, Alabama, defensive tackle 3. Von Miller, Texas A&M, linebacker 4. Robert Quinn, North Carolina, defensive end There’s no need to go […]

On The Clock: Picks 9 – 10

All week we have been revealing picks from my mock draft. On the clock today are picks 9 – 10. To recap: