July 25, 2017

WDF Exclusive: Mel Kiper on the Bengals Draft

Draft guru Mel Kiper, the man who has played a major role in making the NFL Draft the fun-filled, fan-friendly event that it is today, spoke with me recently for my upcoming book, Draft Daze. As I’m known to do, I eventually steered the conversation toward our emerging Bengals. Kiper, as always, had some interesting […]

Draft Lab: In the Trenches

ESPN’s Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, two guys who were nice enough to talk Bengals football with us recently, are also analyzing a number of draft picks in their video segment, Draft Lab. In the latest episode, Kiper and McShay look at the offensive and defensive lines, two areas that the Bengals are likely to […]

Kiper’s Mock 2.0

If you’re an ESPN Insider like myself you’ll see that Mel Kiper released his Mock 2.0 today. Here’s where he stands on the Bengals 2 first round picks: