July 26, 2017

Bengals Don’t Get It: Part 3,219

  Thankfully, I missed the live press conference today. Coincidentally, the wall in my house was saved from having my head thrown against it. Once again, the Bengals brass underperformed in the public arena. At least in my mind. Some people will be happy that Mike Brown gave Carson Palmer what seemed to be a […]

Palmer Not Dealt, But Dealt With

I guess Mike Brown is human after all.  It is apparent that his golden boy has hurt his feelings, as he made a terse but definitive statement this afternoon regarding the future of the former face of the franchise, Carson Palmer.  Brown had sidestepped the issue all spring and summer, being polite but hopeful in […]

Comparison Shopping for QB’s

With Mike Brown seemingly squashing all of the Carson Palmer rumors, all of the Bengals Twitterverse erupted in disgust. Look, we are all disappointed that Carson has decided to pursue other avenues outside of football. However, I believe that as a city we must move on and I’m here to help you do that. Let’s […]

Another MB and Marvin Press Conference….

I think you all remember the last time they were at the podium together. It went well. NOT. And just like that odd day in January, today’s press conference started off almost the same.

Bengals Go Safety with First UDFA Signing

It was confirmed late Monday evening that Kent State safety Brian Lainhart has agreed to terms with the Bengals. Lainhart, a Colerain High School graduate, grew up a Bengals fan and is happy to be joining his hometown team. “I’m excited. It’s a dream come true to play for the team I grew up watching,” […]

WDW Episode 34 – Steelers Preview

This week we kick off our AFC North Preview Series with Dave Bryan of The Terrible Podcast at SteelersDepot.com. Other than Super Bowl wins, these two teams have a lot in common

The Cincinnati Bengals Stadium Deal and who is to blame

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal, the Bengals and their stadium deal are back in the news. A lengthy and mostly unbiased look at the Stadium deal the Bengals received from Hamilton County is detailed as the worst stadium deal in pro sports. I agree with this fact and will never argue against it, I […]

WDW Episode 32 – Decisions Decisions

Who-Dey Weekly fans that’s right we are back and better than ever after a nice refreshing holiday weekend. On this week’s show we discuss the possibility of Andy Dalton as the starting quarterback. We also discuss

Gruden (Jon) Loves Pryor

PFT reported today that Jon (not Jay) Gruden is high on OSU QB Terrelle Pryor, who’ll be available in the supplemental draft. ”He was 31-4″ Gruden said, mentioning Pryor’s record as a starting quarterback. “He played good football in the big arena and played well in big games like the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl.  […]

Is Pryor The Best Of The Remaining QB Options?

As a Bengals fan, observer, and talentless blogger, I’ve become a bit of a soothsayer.  Constant and vigilant, I’ve spent far too many waking hours reading the tea leaves and scattered chicken bones in NFL news cycles, trying to decipher the “thinking” happening behind the striped curtain. Occasionally, I do guess right. An oracle of […]