June 24, 2017

The Ocho Has Landed

So the latest from the blogosphere is that our old pal, Chad Ochocinco has finally found the time in his busy jet-setting scheduled to make an appearance in the ‘Nati, and he’s trying to hook up with the boys for some players-only work-outs. Yes, the soccer fetish has subsided for now, and the urban cowboy […]

From the mouth of Mike

Thanks to reader Lee, we have the words straight from the mouth of Mike Brown. See, Lee decided he no longer wanted his season tickets. A long time Bengal supporter with his cash, Lee finally said enough is enough. Rather than just throw the invoice in the trash, Lee sent a letter expressing his displeasure […]

A Question Of Leadership

The Bengals are an organization with more than their fair share of problems.  Again.  It’s a perpetual state of malaise that has permeated the last twenty-plus years.  Shocked?  Of course not. You already knew that. So it was no surprise when ESPN announced that the Bengals finished dead last out of 122 sports teams according […]

Who Dey Reader: ESPN’s Ultimate Standings

This week’s edition of ESPN the Magazine ranked all the franchises in the four major sports (football, basketball, baseball, and hockey) based on factors that are important to fans. Our beloved Bengals finished butt-naked last at No. 122. Here are some highlights from the magazine article. -According to Forbes, the Bengals made $49.4 million last […]

WDW Episode 31 – We’re Heating Up

Now that summer is upon us things are starting to heat up here at the podcast. There is some talk that the NFL and the Players are close to an agreement. Let’s not hold our collective breaths. Speaking of hot

Players are Right About Palmer

I never claimed to be the smartest guy in the world, but I have been perplexed by the variety of opinions on Carson Palmer and his demands. What’s been fairly black and white to me since the very beginning seems to have drawn a lot of complex and diverse opinions. Some want to dish out […]

Johansen vs Hoard: Who Ya Got?

A little over a month ago, the Bengals made the surprising move of replacing longtime Bengals radio play-by-play voice Brad Johansen with longtime University of Cincinnati Bearcats and Pawtucket Red Sox broadcaster Dan Hoard. The announcement was made along with

WDW Episode 30 – Guess Who’s Back

Who-Dey Weekly fans that’s right we are back and better than ever now that we’ve joined forces with WhoDeyFans.com. On this week’s show we introduce Mickey Mentzer, the creator of WhoDeyFans.com. Mickey fills us in on how he became a Bengals fan, and just how expensive a short bus can be.

Dalton Era Begins While Carson In Limbo

The Bengals entered the 2011 NFL Draft with a few glaring needs and a big question at quarterback. The quarterback question has been answered, as the Bengals selected Andy Dalton, the red headed quarterback from TCU, with the third pick in the second round.

Why Wait? Because It Makes More Sense

The quarterback saga that has dominated this offseason percolated again today with a few different items floating around cyberspace. First, CBS Sports’ Clark Judge says he doesn’t see Eagles backup Kevin Kolb coming to Cincinnati. The reason? Mike Brown still believes Carson Palmer might come back. And he won’t budge. With that in mind, ProFootballTalk’s […]