June 23, 2017


• Too Many Men on the Field: Am I the only one that is not surprised they can’t hammer out a new CBA extension when Mike Brown is on the 10 man labor committee? Brown was one of two owners to vote against the last CBA when it was ratified. If ever there was a […]

A Quitter At Heart

Carson Palmer apparently has told a confidant that he “will never set foot in Paul Brown Stadium again,” that according to an article by James Walker of ESPN. Palmer boasts about how he has $80 million in the bank and doesn’t need to play football anymore.

1999 Was No Party For Bengals

With the Bengals having needs at many positions, conventional wisdom is to select the best player available when they pick 4th in the April 28th – 30th NFL draft. Reaching for a quarterback, even with the Carson Palmer fiasco looming over our heads, could backfire if the player isn’t able to live up to their […]

Is Palmer Retirement That Bad for Bengals?

I realize this may not be the most popular position to take, however I’ve decided to move on with Carson Palmer and so should the Bengals. I’d certainly understand the fan base’s disappointment had Carson continually put up numbers like he did in 2005. Let’s face it, that ship sailed as soon as Kimo took […]

Longtime Bengal Fan Nick Lachey Speaks Out

It’s not everyday that you find a high profile Hollywood celebrity who roots for our beloved Bengals. Nick Lachey has never kept his love for Cincinnati sports a secret either and in this Q&A with ESPN’s James Walker, he goes off on Mike Brown’s ownership ability and surprisingly goes after….Carson Palmer? Read the entire Q&A […]

WDW Episode 23 – Location Location Location…

Is the number one rule in real estate and it’s looking more and more like Number 9 is ready to pack his bags and head for The Hills. News out of the Queen City today has clued us in on his intentions. Ball is in your court Mr. Brown. Why do I have a bad […]

The New OC

Yesterday everyone in Bengal Nation was ecstatic when the Bengals decided to make a change at the Offensive Coordinator position. The harsh reality for fans ready to move on is that the brilliant Bengals brass still have to hire someone to fill the void. Something the front office has not done well over the years. […]

WDW Episode 21 – Carson Did What?

After a few weeks off, Andy and Seubs dusted off their microphones for another rock solid edition of Who-Dey Weekly. The Cincinnati Bengals sure have been in the headlines over the past few days so the timing couldn’t be more spot on. Joining us on this week’s show is Daniel Blair from WhoDeyRevolution.com. Among the […]

This Will Be a Fun Offseason

In a statement from Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer’s agent, David Dunn, he states the following: “Carson met with Bengals owner Mike Brown recently. They both expressed profound disappointment in how the team fared last season, and in how it has generally performed during Carson’s tenure with the team. Because of the lack of success […]

WDW Episode 20 – It’s Just the Beginning

How many of you are thinking “thank God it’s over“? Well, really it’s now just the beginning. The Marvin Lewis era may or may not be over. Andy and Seubs debate on his future. We also welcome in Nate Wilkinson from StripeHype.com to join in the festivities. Thanks again from all of you who participated […]