May 24, 2016

WDW Episode 33 –’s Geoff Hobson

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Our thanks to’s Geoff Hobson for stopping by the podcast this week. You think the lockout’s just affecting players and owners? Ask him how he’s handled this summer. We’d also like to thank him for including some of us here at in his latest story.

Lockout Humor…who knew?

Field of Dreams 2

Who knew the lockout could be so funny? Well done!

Walker: Bengals Fans Might Like Mandatory Spending

The new labor agreement should make rookie deals easier for Mike Brown and his team. We hope.’s James Walker explored one of the possible provisions of a new labor agreement, an expected increase to the salary floor (the minimum a team can spend on its players). We’ve written about that before here and Walker is right, the new deal could be very good news for Bengals fans. But he also missed [...]

In Labor: Will I Kiss the Baby?

If there's a rookie wage scale, I'm ready to pucker up

I’ve largely stayed out of the NFL’s labor dispute because if you’re like me, you’d rather not listen to two parties bicker over millions while you work to keep food on the table and the occasional beer in your refrigerator. But, it seems that the NFL and the league’s players are closing in on a [...]

Think of the little guy


  The interesting point in the lockout is fast approaching.  To the casual fan, the lockout is something the NFL is dealing with and will be handled before “real” football is going to start.  However, the longer the disagreement lasts, the more real damage will be done.  Take a minute and think about the people [...]

WDW Episode 30 – Guess Who’s Back

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Who-Dey Weekly fans that’s right we are back and better than ever now that we’ve joined forces with On this week’s show we introduce Mickey Mentzer, the creator of Mickey fills us in on how he became a Bengals fan, and just how expensive a short bus can be.

Doug Farrar Shares My Brain

I think Carson Palmer should come back in 2011. I think the team should welcome him back. And I think Mike Brown isn’t going to trade him anyway, so Palmer will have to retire if he refuses to suit up this season. Doug Farrar shares my thoughts in a column for YahooSports. Farrar argues that [...]

Roster Care

Even after the draft, the Bengals have some significant holes on their roster and will need to fill in as many as they can once free agency (whatever form it takes) begins. Geoff Hobson looks at some of the biggest questions. Here are my thoughts on a few of them. Quarterback:  I still think the [...]

Marvin on the Draft

The NFL Network got Marvin Lewis’ reaction to the Bengals draft. Click here for the video.

Recipe for Disaster

I’ve already attempted to tap the brakes on the Andy Dalton starting-quarterback bandwagon, but the thing keeps chugging along. So let me do my best to pull the emergency brake. It’s widely accepted that rookie quarterbacks need time to adjust to the NFL game. The game is faster. The plays are more complex. The reads [...]