July 25, 2017

Decision Points: Defense

The Bengals have the 4th overall pick in the NFL draft that begins tonight at 8 PM. The teams have 10 minutes to make their selections, so the Bengals will pick somewhere around 8:40 or so. This week I am looking at the players the Bengals will be considering with the fourth overall pick: today […]

Bengals Big Board

Unfortunately, I don’t have much pull in the Bengals draft room. (I would have never drafted Andre Smith for starters). But if I did, I have a feeling my board would look quite differently than the some of those who are actually in control. Here are my top four players for the Bengals heading into […]

WDW Episode 27 – The Live Mock Draft (Audio Version)

In case you missed the live mock draft, you can still catch the video at Ustream, or by checking out the blog here. If you’d like to download the audio version of the Mock Draft, click on the “Direct Download” link below. Our many thanks to CatCraveRadio.com’s John White, Crain’s Cleveland Business Journal’s Joel Hammond, […]

Friday Top Five: My Bengals Big Board

I don’t have enough hair to be Mel Kiper, but I know the Bengals all too well. Here’s the draft board our team should use. 1. Patrick Peterson, LSU, defensive back 2. Marcell Dareus, Alabama, defensive tackle 3. Von Miller, Texas A&M, linebacker 4. Robert Quinn, North Carolina, defensive end There’s no need to go […]

WDW Episode 26 – We’re Going Live

That’s right folks, starting at 9 PM on April 20th, we’ll be hosting our very first live episode of the Who-Dey Weekly podcast on Ustream. Though this episode is even MORE special in that we’ll be conducting a live mock draft of the entire first round of the NFL Draft. Be sure to join us […]

WDW Episode 25 – It’s Madness!

March Madness is here and Who-Dey Weekly is back and better than ever! Check out our latest episode as we touch on the upcoming NFL Draft with resident blogger Timm Bates. We also look ahead to what’s in store for Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco’s now trying a new game of “football”. Who you got […]

On The Clock: Picks 3 – 4

The NFL and Players Union continue working toward a new CBA, inching closer to a new deal, a lockout, or another extension. If I had to guess, they will extend the deadline yet again. In the meantime, I am working through a mock draft with my draft guru Alex helping talk sense into me when […]

1999 Was No Party For Bengals

With the Bengals having needs at many positions, conventional wisdom is to select the best player available when they pick 4th in the April 28th – 30th NFL draft. Reaching for a quarterback, even with the Carson Palmer fiasco looming over our heads, could backfire if the player isn’t able to live up to their […]