June 24, 2017

Concussions As A Game Plan

Players putting a bounty on an opposing player is nothing new in the NFL. It isn’t “supposed” to happen, but plenty of former players over the years have admitted that it is done. So it is very little surprise that a team would target a player with a history of concussions for a repeat injury. […]

Preview: Bengals @ Steelers

Wow, it’s Steeler week again already?! You can make a solid case for either of two factors as the cause of the Bengals’ 7 point loss to the Steelers in round 1. On one hand, the defense gave up 132 yds and two TDs in the first 11:30 of the game. The offense had never […]

Preview: Steelers @ Bengals

It’s Steeler week!! Let’s hear your best WHODEY, people!! Now the real test begins, as the Bengals play Pittsburgh and Baltimore 3 times in the next 4 games. Will they establish themselves as a legitimate team in 2011, or will they prove the They-Haven’t-Played-Anybody-Good-Yet scoffers right? (If you are one of the people spouting that […]

ESPN Says Bengals Post Lockout Grade C-

For the price of a large quantity of toilet paper, I was able to acquire a subscription to ESPN The Magazine.  This is only useful to me for the purpose of the ESPN Insider access, as the Magazine pages are too thick and rigid to wipe with but in the end they have the same […]

On The Clock: Picks 31 – 32

My mock draft has reached its zenith with the Super Bowl teams. On the clock are picks 31 – 32. To recap:

The Disparity of Parity

In the past 10 years, 10 of the 16 NFC teams have represented their conference in the Super Bowl. Only San Francisco, Dallas, Minnesota, Atlanta, Washington, and Detroit have failed to make it to the league’s championship game in the last decade.

WDW Episode 03 – Keys to Success in 2010

Normally we’ll have our shows ready for you each and every Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. However with the Labor Day weekend we got a late start to the week but wanted to get Bengal Nation a show prior to their kickoff this Sunday in New England. How do you think the Bengals will do […]

WDW Episode 02 – AFC North Preview with Joel Hammond

This week Who-Dey Weekly welcomes in Joel Hammond, Sports Business Reporter for Crain’s Cleveland Business Journal. He stops by to preview the AFC North and gives his opinions on the 2010 Bengals. Show HighlightsAntonio Bryant discussionTrivia TeaserAFC North Preview