August 16, 2017

WDW Episode 96 – 2012 Season Wrap Up

2012 was a great year to be a Bengals fan! They made the playoffs in back to back years for the first time in 30 years. That’s amazing. The Bengals are an up and coming team STILL and they play in a division where the rest of the players are turning into grumpy old men. […]

Three reasons the Cincinnati Bengals will win on Saturday

The Bengals defensive line is really good. The Bengals are in the top 3 for sacks this season and this is largely because of the play of the Bengals defensive line. The front 4 for the Bengals have generated 42 of the teams 51 sacks (that alone is better than 25 other NFL teams). This […]

Not the same game this time

Last year the Bengals were happy to make the playoffs. This year they want to make a splash in the post season. On the surface it looks the same. The Bengals face the Houston Texans in Houston in the first playoff game on wildcard weekend. That is where the similarities end. Last season the Bengals limped into […]

WDW Episode 94 – Here We Go

This is it. This is the THE statement game of all statement games. Beat the Steelers in THEIR house to earn a spot in the postseason. You want to be considered one of the best teams in the AFC, scratch that, the AFC NORTH you must win this game. Otherwise its another year of the […]

WDW Episode 92 – It Wasn’t Pretty But It’s a Win

Well it wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win and that’s all that matters at this time of year. The Bengals historically have not played well on the West Coast but to win in SD despite not having your best day on offense is a huge step for this team. Have to give it […]

The Infinite Sadness

There are some feelings that aren’t easily described, but I definitely felt them today.  I didn’t expect to feel them, but they crept up on me and I just can’t quite shake them.  When Andy Dalton’s pass was gobbled up by rookie defensive end J.J. Watt, I felt a little twinge of panic, but that […]

WDW Episode 58 – Who Would’ve Thought

The Bengals are in the 2011 Playoffs! After the Jets late season dropoff as well as the Fighting Tebow’s and Carson Palmer choking, the Bengals find themselves with a favorable opening round matchup in Houston against the banged up and reeling Texans! Don’t forget Who-Dey Weekly is now recorded LIVE each and every Wednesday night […]

Enough With the Backing In Nonsense

It’s only Monday morning and already I’m sick and tired of hearing about people saying “the Bengals backed into the playoffs”. I feel sorry for you folks out there who still find things to gripe and complain about with this team. I made the trip to PBS yesterday

Help The Playoffs Party Pooper

Tuesday morning, as you stand around the proverbial water cooler and discuss the Bengals making the playoffs for the third time in seven years, “that guy” will be squawking at his loudest to make sure every hears him. “Yeah, but they backed in. They couldn’t beat anybody good all season.” We all know that guy. […]

Bengals in the playoffs, yeah we’re talking playoffs

WhoDey. Who cares how they get there, they are in. After starting the season as the media favorite to be the worst team in the NFL. The Bengals are in the second season. WhoDey Hear that Bengal growlin’, Mean and ang-a-ree, Here he comes a prowlin’, Lean and hung-a-ree, An offensive brute, Run, pass, or […]