July 27, 2017

Bengals vs. Ravens: A Date with Destiny?

I have been watching the Bengals for over 20 years, and I must say that there have been very few times that I felt like the stars were aligned in our favor.  This team is as star-crossed as any in professional sports.  There have been miserable, pathetic seasons like most of the 1990s, near misses […]

This So Called Expert Weighs In

The biggest game of the year has come down to the final Sunday on the schedule. The Bengals need a win to get into the postseason as they take on the dreaded birds from Baltimore. NOTE: Don’t forget to submit your score predictions via Twitter, Facebook, or via our Contact Us page for a chance […]

This Week’s Game Is A Big One

A few weeks ago on the Who Dey Weekly Podcast, Nick, Mickey and I discussed whether or not the Pittsburgh game was one of the most important regular season games in Bengals team history.  While Mickey and I didn’t think that it was, Nick made a strong argument about how that game was key to […]

Ravens fans sum up the Ravens in YouTube video

You know of all the NFL teams the Bengals face, none are more accurately represented by the actions of their fanbase than that of the Baltimore Ravens. You see, the Ravens think they are mean, they think they are smash mouth and they think they should be feared. Take Ray Lewis for example, still looked […]

WDW Episode 51 – All Good Things Must Come to an End

After a disappointing result on Sunday versus the Steelers, the Bengals look to get back up off the mat in Baltimore.

10 Reasons Bengals fans should Hate the Ravens

1. Ray Lewis – Ray Lewis was accused of murder and was found guilty of obstructing justice in a murder case. Soon after he was crowned the Super Bowl MVP. The Bengals are constantly chided by Ravens fans for the moral character of their players. However, Baltimore gives this guy a pass. Come on Number […]

ESPN Insider: Bengals Last Two Out of Playoff Picture

According to our great pals at the “Mothership”, the Bengals are one of the last two teams out of the playoff picture. The predictor, which is powered by numberFire, a sports analytics platform that uses algorithmic modeling to better understand sports, says that the Bengals will finish the year 9-7 along with the Tennessee Titans […]