October 24, 2016

Ludwig: Bengals Won’t Be Boring

Jay Gruden should bring some life into the Bengals offense.

Chick Ludwig offered up an outlook on the Cincinnati Bengals for The Sporting News and promised that this year’s team wouldn’t be boring. Well, that makes sense. I suppose train wrecks never are. Anyway, for me, the most interesting part of this article was a heaping portion of praise on second-year linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy, who Ludwig [...]

The 2011 Bengals: Linebackers

Rey Maualuga believes in the 2011 Bengals Linebackers (Robbins/Getty)

In the weeks since the completion of the NFL draft, I have been looking at the various position groups in an effort to shed light on where the team currently stands with their personnel and to foreshadow needed moves once free agency begins. Today, I focus on the linebackers. Rey Maualuga will have a lot [...]