August 17, 2017

WDW Episode 54 – Thud

The podcast is back and better than ever this week as the guys look back at the weekend that was in Pittsburgh. The Bengals need to move on quickly as their playoff chances are fading if they don’t turn it around this weekend.

The Steelers fan part 2

You no doubt cross paths with them. They are everywhere. Here are some images to remind you what to expect to see on Sunday where ever you may be. Enjoy…  

This Week’s Game Is A Big One

A few weeks ago on the Who Dey Weekly Podcast, Nick, Mickey and I discussed whether or not the Pittsburgh game was one of the most important regular season games in Bengals team history.  While Mickey and I didn’t think that it was, Nick made a strong argument about how that game was key to […]

CJ makes points, we make counter points

Our friend Jason Garrison over at CincyJungle takes another look at the Bengals loss to the Steelers. He makes 7 points in the post about his observations from the game. Reading through I agreed with some and then could not disagree more on others. So i thought I would counter his points with my thoughts. […]

Caption contest for a copy of Madden 2012

Here is a picture for the readers of WhoDeyFans to caption. Leave your caption in the comments and we will choose a winner of the contest on next weeks Who-Dey Weekly podcast. Feel free to post as many captions as you want for a chance to win a brand new copy of Madden 2012 for […]

The 4th quarter could be huge

The 4th quarter could be big this Sunday. As Bengals fans, we all know how big Andy Dalton and the Bengals offense has been in the 4th quarter. Of the Bengals 6 wins, 4 were on come from behind scores in the 4th quarter. This season the Bengals are outscoring their opponents 87-43 in the […]

WDW Episode 50 – Steelers Week

It’s the biggest week of the year so far for the AFC leading Bengals and Timm, Mickey and Seubs break down this week’s big matchup!

The Steelers fan

Here is what Bengals fans can expect to encounter this weekend when the black and gold come to town. Beware the mouth breathing mongoloid.     What sad and miserable people they are.  Whats the bet that none of them live in or near Pittsburgh?    

Why we hate the Steelers

Here is a reminder of the 10 reasons to hate Pittsburgh this weekend: 1. Bandwagon fans – The Steelers don’t travel well. The thing is, they have “fans” all across the country. Most of these people have never even been to Pittsburgh but claim to be a Steeler fan for life. There are several reasons there […]

ESPN Insider: Bengals Last Two Out of Playoff Picture

According to our great pals at the “Mothership”, the Bengals are one of the last two teams out of the playoff picture. The predictor, which is powered by numberFire, a sports analytics platform that uses algorithmic modeling to better understand sports, says that the Bengals will finish the year 9-7 along with the Tennessee Titans […]