July 27, 2017

No more Tank in our arsenal

Per a Geoff Hobson tweet the Bengals have cut ties with Tank Johnson. I will fondly remember how he struggled to put together the bunk beds for his kids in the HBO series Hard Knocks. He also was a key piece for the resurgent defense of 09. Thanks tank.

The 2011 Bengals: Defensive Tackle

In the weeks since the completion of the NFL draft, I have been looking at the various position groups in an effort to shed light on where the team currently stands with their personnel and to foreshadow needed moves once free agency begins. Today, I turn my attention to the defensive tackles. If you recall […]

Failing Chemistry

  A few days ago, Tank Johnson talked about the failed chemistry experiment that was the Cincinnati Bengals 2011 roster. It shouldn’t have surprised anyone that adding Terrell Owens to a mix that already included Chad Ochocinco could make things toxic. Well, that’s precisely what happened, and it appears that Carson Palmer was poisoned in […]