July 27, 2017

Tecmo Bowl Futures – Bengals Vs. Steelers

I would like to apologize for the lack of Tecmo Bowl on the site this season.  To be honest, it slipped through the cracks and we blame ourselves for the rough start the Bengals have had.  We are back now and we fully expect the outcome to be reflected in what Tecmo Bowl says. On […]

Tecmo Bowl Futures – Bengals Vs Broncos

Once again we look to the Tecmo Bowl magic to let us know what is going to happen this Sunday in Denver. After the Bengals receive the kick, Benson moves the ball well and scores a TD.   The Bengals force the Broncos to punt and then they are forced to punt themselves. Some strong […]

Tecmo Bowl Futures – Bengals at Browns

Once again we are going to let the Tecmo Bowl machine predict the outcome of the games this season. Week one has the Bengals traveling to Cleveland.   The Bengals start with the ball and give up a sack on the first play. However, Dalton finds his groove and gets his first passing TD in […]