June 23, 2017

Marvin: Carson Quit Before End Of Season

I have no love lost for Carson Palmer. I’ve had a very thinly-veiled contempt for the player I used to call my favorite Bengal ever since he abandoned his teammates, his coaches, his fans, and his legacy by taking his proverbial ball and going home.  I am 100% glad he is gone and no matter how […]

Five Issues, Five Sentences

  In response to USA Today’s analysis of the biggest five issues facing the Cincinnati Bengals, I’m writing five sentences about those issues. It’s a perfect exercise for those of you with short attention spans like me. What was I talking about again? Anyway, the issues from the USA Today article (linked below) are in […]

Failing Chemistry

  A few days ago, Tank Johnson talked about the failed chemistry experiment that was the Cincinnati Bengals 2011 roster. It shouldn’t have surprised anyone that adding Terrell Owens to a mix that already included Chad Ochocinco could make things toxic. Well, that’s precisely what happened, and it appears that Carson Palmer was poisoned in […]

WDW Episode 30 – Guess Who’s Back

Who-Dey Weekly fans that’s right we are back and better than ever now that we’ve joined forces with WhoDeyFans.com. On this week’s show we introduce Mickey Mentzer, the creator of WhoDeyFans.com. Mickey fills us in on how he became a Bengals fan, and just how expensive a short bus can be.

The 2011 Bengals: WR

A little time off was chicken soup for the soul, but I am back to continue my quest to review each position group for the Bengals before we launch into free agency, whenever that may be. Today, I am looking at the WRs.

Cam Newton Tailor Made for Old Spice Commercials

Can’t you just picture Cam Newton saying “look at your quarterback, now back to me, now back at your quarterback, now back to me!” Cam Newton is ready to take on the NFL, but is the NFL ready for Cam? Sports Illustrated reporter Peter King tweeted that Cam Newton told him in a phone interview […]

WDW Episode 19 – Charging to the Finish

Well who saw that coming? We all should have if we had looked just a little closer. The Bengals have won 18 of their last 23 home finale’s. Couple that with the cold weather cross country trip for San Diego and it spelled disaster. Way to play spoiler Bengals! Big week from the Who-Dey Weekly […]

WDW Episode 18 – Streak’s Over

Well in honor of the Bengals NOT breaking the record for longest losing streak in a season, Andy and Seubs decided to break the record for longest episode of Who-Dey Weekly! But for good reason, this episode is packed with loads of information and Bengal chatter. First up, we look back at the Battle of […]

WDW Episode 14 – Buffaloed

Each and every week it’s getting tougher to come up with funny stuff to put in this space. Buffalo 49Cincinnati 31 Laugh it up Cincy. In the words of T.O., “We are terrible.” But hey, on a brighter note, Antwan Odom’s back?Show HighlightsCoaching ChangesStripeHype.com’s Nate WilkinsonShoutouts Direct Download [14.1 mb]

WDW Episode 12 – Too Little Too Late

The Bungles sure made it a game late on Monday. However, if the Steelers had been playing their best ball this game would have been a blowout. It’s all starting to unravel at the seams. Ochostinko is becoming more and more vocal and visibly frustrated. The playcalling and game planning is awful. Not much to […]