August 16, 2017

Tweet it Like Sunday Mornin

UPDATED: Good morning Bengals fans! Nothing like a Sunday morning on Gameday! I took to the Twitterverse this morning and asked for some of your predictions, here’s what most of you are saying.

At The Quarter Pole – WhoDeyfans vs Cincy Jungle

Can you believe that 25% of the season is already over? The Bengals, who have been in each game in the 4th quarter, could just as easily be 4-0 and 0-4, but they come out of it 2-2. Andy Dalton has looked at times like the old Carson Palmer and at times like David Klingler […]

Home Tweet Home

UPDATED: We love our Bengals here at, but even more we love fans of our site! Every Friday I’ve asked for people to submit their score/game predictions, so I wanted to know their thoughts on the Bengals home opener this Sunday vs. the dreaded 49ers. Here are some of the best responses from our […]

Coming Soon

Dear Bengals Fans! Who-Dey Weekly will be debuting its premier podcast here in the next few weeks. It’s a twenty minute podcast hosted by Andy “Bull” Barch that will be available to download every Tuesday at 8 a.m. So do us a favor, spread the good word, bookmark this site and get ready for some […]